Hey Frase – Episode 204 – “Paula Deen”

As the title suggests, there is less sex talk this week, but promise you all will be just as entertained. Paul and I recap our eventful, crazy weekends which involved some possible fan stalkers and my own flashing of “pubes”at an event #noshame. We discussed the planning of President Trump’s July 4th “Rocket Man” military parade and of course touched on Kevin Hart’s cheating confessions and apology to his preggo wife…yikes.

 Plus hear why we’re often attracted to people with qualities that will drive us nuts down the road. Also we prep Intern Joelle for her date this coming weekend and we give the deets on the cutie pie of a guy that was selected for her.

And of course we love love love our listeners and love even more when we hear from you. This week, we read two sweet emails from you all — and Paul gets nostalgic talking about his love Michael who is currently in the hospital. But wait there’s more!! Dave Chappelle is in DC — we explain how he made #DCpublicschools go viral. And can you really write off breast implants?? WHAT? All that and more in this week’s podcast.



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