Hey Frase – Episode 205 – “Arm Spanx”

Per usual, this podcast is jam packed with this week’s hot topics we need you to hear. Two  hashtags talked about today include #takeaknee and #womentodrive. Not only is the outspoken NFL wife Miko Grimes giving her take on what #takeaknee really means to her and her family, but she goes on to explain how players lack a voice of their own. Meanwhile, a ban against women driving was lifted in Saudi Arabia. We explain what this means for a female-oppressed country.

Also this episode, the who, what, when, and how of Wendy Williams, her man, and the reasons she decided to publicly support him after everything — Paul has the whole scoop. Plus did you know getting a manicure could lead to weight gain and child birth defects?? We explain.

But wait, there’s more! Are parents really competing to be the favorite among their own children? And Paul reveals his soft side when it comes to those less fortunate. Intern Joelle tells all about her date! For those of you who missed the story, Intern Joelle is African American, but has always considered herself an “oreo.” Our friends over at “Three Day Rule,” a DC dating company, agreed to find a suitable black bachelor to take Joelle out. This was her first time dating someone black and we are so excited for you to hear how it went.

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