Hey Frase: Epi 206 – Sarah’s mom, Vegas massacre, making these 6 decisions will make you happier

 Sarah and Paul take a moment to offer prayers and condolences to the many lives affected by the Las Vegas massacre. Due to the severity of the events, they briefly discuss their personal thoughts and bring up the conversation of tighter  gun control restrictions.

On a lighter note, Sarah gets Mama Fraser on the phone!! Sarah’s mom might be sleeping with her ex husband…she says the two shared an amazing weekend ‘leaf peeping’ (it’s a New England thing lol). Find out what the heck leaf peeping is and if they are rekindling their love. Plus we are celebrating a very special anniversary between two very special people >> Watch the Video Clip here <<

Also among our topics today: the 6 decisions you can make on a daily basis that lead you to guaranteed happiness. Can’t wait for you guys to hear these! And transgender reversal surgeries?? Sex robots getting manhandled inappropriately?? Yea we’re talking about it.  Episode 206 is out now! Go listen and share with friends.


XOXO, Heyfrase


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