Hey Frase – Episode 207 – “Sex That Burns”

“When is it time to give up on your dreams?” We read an amazingly insightful and eye opening email from a listener on this week’s podcast. It really got us all thinking about career goals and the sacrifices we make to ensure a strong professional life VS. family life. Speaking of work life, we are talking about the Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment ordeal. And as always, Paul has a story for this topic.

Also, are the criminals committing horrible mass shootings raised a certain way? Paul and I go deeper into the emotions and loneliness that is often associated with these people. Plus, we are sad to report that radio DJ host Delilah’s son took his own life, but what we tell you about her might shock you. And Intern AJ talks about a trip you can take for the ultimate sexual experience — but is it really though?

Among other topics, we bring up the recent Dove campaign that “missed that mark,” and has a lot of people upset. Paul shares his own thoughts on why he doesn’t think the ad is racially inappropriate. Plus are you ever on a first or second date, but dying to know what kinky stuff they’re into?? There’s an app for that….LOL JK, but you have got to hear Paul’s secret hack to find out their fetishes without asking.

We have an early 40th Birthday Celebration for Paul (of course he doesn’t look a day over 25***) and we wish our Intern AJ the best as she is heading off to a job in Ocean City, MD ~~



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