‘Hey Frase’ is Rebranding as ‘The Sarah Fraser Show’!!

That’s right, babes! Starting October 1, we are officially rebranding as The Sarah Fraser Show!! Hey Frase is EVOLVING, bitches!! And I am so excited for this next phase of our journey. I know some people are a lil teensy bit skeptical about the transition, so in case you didn’t see my IG post the other day, let me just answer some FAQ’s:

1. “Why the change??”

Don’t get me wrong. I love Hey Frase! But for 4.5 years, no one except my true Frasiacs could pronounce it. They think it’s a French rosé.


Do. Not. Worry. You think I would ever let my girl Andrea leave me?? Absolutely not! She’ll still be in and out of the show. But you know her shit is popping off right now, so we’re giving her the extra time she needs to pursue her career as an impressionist!!

3“Sarah, are we still dating??”

Yes. Obviously. Always. Y’all, I can’t even thank you enough for sticking with me through all my different career ventures!! From radio host, to true crime investigator, to Fox 5 reporter, to podcaster, to mindful eating success story, to molar pregnancy miscarriage… y’all have been there for all of it. This is just the next step in my evolution! I’ll be peeling back the curtain of my life and business more, and listening to what you all want to hear from my content! I’m so excited for this journey and even more excited that you guys will be here with me!!

4. “What will be changing?”

What will be changing? I’m updating it all! Look for new Merch dropping in November, my new color scheme is here. I am loving a more gender neutral teal and white. The website will be getting an overhaul cause I would love to get back to blogging and sharing more about my guests. iTunes art, graphics will be all new. What won’t change is my intro and outro music. I’m still rocking the castpod with you 4 days a week and paying tribute to what got me here is the original ‘Sarah from Hey Frase’ intro song. You all started calling me Frase back in the day on The Kane Show and I am forever grateful for that experience the good, the bad, and the divine.

If you have more questions, ASK ME! I’m an open book, baby. DM me or email me at thesarahfrasershow@gmail.com!! ALSO, we LOVE all your support and feedback. Anything specific you want to see?? Anything you don’t like?? Let me know!! I can’t wait to enter this next phase with you all. Thank you!!



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