Hey Frase Podcast Stories From Episode 2



Here are the top stories from today’s podcast! Thanks for tuning in! – HeyFrase

If you hate Christmas music, you’re not alone! This will help.

Asymmetrical Engagement Rings Are all the rage…would you rock it?

Check them out here!

Leonardo DiCaprio Wasn’t Raped by a Bear…

Read the full story here!

You’ll never believe this marching band’s version of Adele’s hit song ‘Hello’

Watch it here:



Response (2)
  1. dawn

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the podcast, and just a note, DON’T stop laughing, your mom was wrong on that one….I love the funny, fly by night, aspect of the show!!!

  2. So glad you’re back! I now listen to your castpod on my way to work every Wednesday – Friday! Almost makes me feel like I’m listening to Sarah Ty and Mel again! Looking forward to seeing you shine!

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