Hey Frase Supports INOVA’s Act on Addiction Campaign

September is Addiction Awareness Month, and Hey Frase is taking the opportunity to act in support of INOVA’s Act on Addiction campaign–a new addiction awareness and resource program in Northern Virginia. Sponsored by a generous gift from Joan and Russell Hitt, INOVA created the Act on Addiction platform to provide informational resources for those who suffer from substance use disorder and their loved ones. The campaign is centered around three main goals: generating awareness, destigmatizing addiction, and educating those who suffer from addiction and their loved ones on available resources.

Sarah loves supporting INOVA’s Act on Addiction and everything they stand for!

A recent survey in Northern Virginia found some startling information about addiction, speaking to the importance of this cause. Findings include:

  • 65 percent of all adults, including more than 70 percent of Millennials, say they know someone who struggles with addiction, but nearly half of those who know someone say they have no idea how to help.
  • 49 percent of DC-area residents do not know where to turn to help for a loved one who is suffering from addiction with 44 percent wishing that there were more ways to learn about how to help someone suffering from addiction
  • More than a quarter (26 percent) think that addiction is a choice and less than half would feel guilty if they did not try to help someone suffering from addiction

Have you been touched by addiction, whether it is alcohol, prescription medicines of illegal drugs? If not, you may be in the minority of the DC Metro population. Let that sink in for one moment!

INOVA launched the Act on Addiction campaign to help combat these problems by encouraging people to take the following actions:

1. Learn more about the issue of addiction, find helpful resources and register for the community summit by visiting the campaign website.
2. Attend the October 5th Act on Addiction Summit: Bridging the Gap for Young Adults to hear from key note speakers, participate in breakout sessions and learn more about helpful community resources.

This is a grave issue that is taking hold of our communities. Let’s all Act on Addiction by educating ourselves and starting productive dialogue.

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