Closet Shopper: How to Hire a good one and Look FABULOUS

How To Hire A FABULOUS Closet Shopper!

I believe in 100% outsourcing all the things you’re not good at or not passionate about, and for me that is fashion! I LOVE looking good but hate worrying about what to wear. Today I’m taking you inside my closet with my closet shopper Kenicia Cross.

Kenicia is a producer at Fox 5 DC but she also runs her own media consulting business, CrossOver Media. We have worked together at Fox for a couple of years and about a year ago Kenicia started styling me and doing a ‘closet shop.’ Closet shopping is when you hire a stylist to come to your house, organize your closet, and put together outfits with your existing clothes. Plus, Kenicia makes a list of items that you need to stock your closet with like: solid black jackets, black pumps, stud earrings, a nice little black dress.

My style is fun, filled with color, and finished off with a fun novelty clutch. About every 5 months Kenicia and I plan a shopping day and then a second day for her to come over, take pictures, and put together outfits. Closet shoppers/stylists can run anywhere from $65-150 an hour. I suggest having a budget in mind before you hire anyone and stick to that. You can always circle back a couple months later to work with the stylist again.

As you know, I started my own podcast business two years ago so my budget is tight. Don’t be intimidated by outsourcing your fashion, you can do it in a very affordable way. I shop a lot at TJ MAXX,, and Boohoo (their sizes run large so beware!), bauble bar, Bloomingdale sales and more.

Kenicia also has 3 major tips for saving you time and getting your closet on point:

Don’t organize your Closet by color organize by style: Kenicia says the fastest way to find clothing items isn’t by color but by style. Put all your pants together, jackets, sleeveless shirts, skirts, etc. all in their own sections. That way you’ll know exactly where to look for each piece.

Keep a rolling Wardrobe to hang your clothing by season: To save time pull all your wardrobe items by season and put them on a separate rolling rack – that way you’re not rummaging through your closet every morning looking for something to wear. Each season change the rack out and save a TON of time.

Lastly Be Slow To Throw Items Away: After your closet shopper helps you purge items that are no longer in style don’t feel you have to throw everything away all the time. Kenicia loves keeping loads of items so we can constantly rotate in this instagram age.

Then…enjoy your new outfits and wardrobe! You will be shocked how much time you save when you hire someone to help you dress. Kenicia photographers all items and accessories and you get a nice PDF of your new looks! Mark Zuckerberg was totally right to wear the same hoodie everyday…save your brain power for being a boss.

LOVE you, Frase

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