How To Build Your Brand & Monetize Your Podcast!

How To Build Your Brand & Monetize Your Podcast! With thousands of downloads every month on my podcast and now making money on my podcast I always want to share with you what I’ve learned. Here are a few of my secrets for branding and monetizing.

1) Brand One-Sheet – Everyone is busy and shorter sells, so create your brand one-sheet. No matter what business you’re in people want to know the highlights. Whose your customer? What is their age? Where are they shopping? Here’s a glimpse of my brand one-sheet that my advertisers receive before we meet. I highly recommend using Canva to create your one-sheet which is free and easy to use. One-sheets also save you time…if a potential client isn’t looking for your audience there’s no need for a meeting. Win Win. Meetings are awesome except when they’re not and you don’t land the sale!

2) Only Focus on 2 Social Media Outlets – A lot of my new downloads and advertisers are coming from social media but there’s no way I have time to update every social media outlet, so I suggest picking 2 that you really promote yourself or you business on. No matter how you feel about President Trump we all know where to find him…TWITTER! I suggest picking the two you most like. If you don’t like snapchat or twitter you’re not going to use them. I have selected Instagram and Facebook. That is where people know to find pictures and updates about my podcast, and Facebook is where they know they can watch my live show. For maximum growth I suggest 2-4 instagram posts per day…anymore than that people are going to unfollow you unless your business is breaking news like The Shade Room. Twitter you can update every hour, Facebook 2-3 max, snapchat and insta stories I suggest 8-10 per day. Any more than that I’m clicking off unless you’re confessing your life story.

3) Video, Video, Video! I can’t stress video enough, want to build a brand quickly and powerfully? Video is it. Shorter is better to start. Put yourself out there. You don’t have to be perfect but the content has to fall into 3 categories: informational, emotional, or holy crap what am I watching!? That is how we decide on video content at the Hey Frase Podcast. I’m giving you info, attempting to inspire you, or doing some crazy rant you just have to click on. Maybe you have a bike shop – there’s a ton of cool things about bikes and the business. Bring that to life by video. Use your iphone, you don’t need crazy quality, edit on imovie, or download apps like Ripl or Unfold to create fabulous short video stories for twitter, facebook, or instagram.

Monetizing Your Podcast. I have been monetizing my podcast for over two years now. Advertisers are spending more and more money on podcasts and you don’t have to have 10k downloads per show. All you need is several hundred dedicated listeners that are going to tune in, follow you, and purchase the products you’re promoting. Here are two ways you can monetize any show:

1) Live Shows: Live podcast events are one of the top ways I monetize my show. Podcast listeners are LOYAL and they want to meet you. Again, you don’t have to have thousands of followers. Say you have a podcast on working out! Boom – your market is endless. Start with a live podcast taping for 20 people, sell tickets, see how it goes. Live events are an opportunity to sell merchandise, find new clients, and most importantly a chance to meet your fans that love you!

2) Podcast commercials! Again, even if your podcast has 300 listeners you should have a sponsor for every show! Right now companies are eager to spend their ad dollars and micro-influencers (podcasters, instagram, youtube personalities, etc that have under 50k followers) are red hot. If you have under 1,000k listeners I would start around $50-$100 a commercial, and I charge more for a commercial based on how engaged my audience is about a product. I also sell everything from a post on my instagram to a blog post on Bundle all these things together and soon you’re charging hundreds and even thousands to an advertiser. It’s not impossible for your podcast to be making thousands of dollars a month in revenue but you have to be consistent, steadily growing your audience, and offer advertisers results. If you can do these three things you’ll have endless business. Advertisers are ready to spend money on podcasting because traditional media is not getting them the results it use to 5 or 10 years ago.

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How To Make Your Brand One Sheet and Monetize Your Podcast

Hi, I’m Sarah Fraser! I have DC’s most downloaded pop-culture podcast. Here’s how I grew it and monetized it.

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