INOVA: Act on Addiction is Offering FREE Online Courses!!

You guys know how much we love our sponsor, INOVA: Act on Addiction. This one hits especially close to home because addiction has directly affected my family. I’ve told you all about my brother’s battle with substance abuse and his road to recovery. Seeing a loved one’s journey can be so hard, but watching them achieve their goals is worth every moment. Now, I just can’t even put into words how proud I am that this year marks NINE YEARS OF SOBRIETY FOR SETHIE!!!!! The best feeling in the world was hearing my brother say, “I never thought my life could be this good sober.” Ugh. I’ll never get over it. He’s such a rockstar!!!!

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, I want you to know there’s hope. Don’t give up on your family or friends who are struggling with Substance Use Disorder (SUD). Instead, make a plan and use resources like those offered by

And you ARE NOT alone in this journey!! SUD is SO much more common than you might think, especially right now. According to our friends at Act on Addiction, SUD is currently impacting MILLIONS of American families. And in Virginia, it’s hit particularly hard: 65 percent of adults in NOVA say they know someone suffering from addiction, and 30 percent say they know someone who’s having a harder time dealing with it during COVID (Act on Addiction).

And unfortunately, that’s not surprising, because our partner also says that the pandemic has led to greater alcohol consumption, as well as more mental and emotional and health issues that could trigger SUD (Ohio State). More than a third of adults (including 50 percent of millennials) say their drinking increased during COVID-19. And are we shocked?? This shit is so stressful…

But even though it’s a common issue, there’s still a general lack of awareness about the dangers of substance use! As much as 90 percent of those suffering from SUD do not receive treatment (SAMHA)! AND almost half of adults in NOVA don’t know how to help their loved ones (Act on Addiction)! Maybe it’s because SO many people don’t know what resources are available to start the road to recovery. But it could also be due to the stigma still surrounding addiction.

John Hopkins found that people are more likely to have a negative reaction to those dealing with drug addiction than those dealing with other mental illness. It’s 2020 y’all. We need to start recognizing addiction for the disorder it is rather than demonizing it. Luckily, Act on Addiction has the resources you need to get started. If you, a family member, or a friend are dealing with addiction, head to They’re offering free online courses through the month of September to help educate everyone on mental health and resilience! I’m telling you, hearing your loved one have a newfound love for life is worth it. Check them out today.



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