Is a vision letter the key to success?

I had no idea what a vision letter was until my dear friend and passion curator (at least that’s what I refer to him as) Sammy Simpson enlightened me. A vision letter is a letter you write to yourself post dated one year in the future detailing exactly what you want in life, your career, a relationship, or all three.

I wrote my first vision letter about three years ago and over the years I’ve checked back in with it. My vision letter is exactly what I want. Although I’ve been side tracked occasionally from my vision I believe that — each step even if it’s a detour — teaches us something.

My friend Sammy recommended that this time around I re-write the letter and address it to my co-podcaster Samy K. Sammy Simpson also reminded me that I have to check in with my letter every couple of months and make adjustments. Figure out what is no longer relevant or working and modify it accordingly.

So here is my vision letter to Samy K. It’s very similar to my original letter I wrote three years ago but with a few changes, and I’ve added a fantastic co-host. If you want to learn more about the vision letter and how you can start one yourself check out Hey Frase Episode 38

Xo, Frase

March 13, 2017
Dear Samy K – First, I’m so grateful you are on this journey with me. I always knew I wanted to co-host with just one talented, hilarious, and smart person and that person is you. Thank you. Can you believe how much has happened to us in a year? The Hey Frase Show is now carried on 20 media outlets. Tune In, Apple Music, Sirius XM, iTunes, Cox Media, and Podcast One to name a few. 
I also love that we have our own TV show on HBO thru Vice network and our Youtube channel has over 200k subscribers. Our national TV appearance with the Rock Your Bod: Positive Body Image Rally really put us on the map – from that – the TedX talk I did was hugely successful and Oprah did a feature on us for O Magazine. 
Our live show ideas have really paid off too. It’s mind-blowing that we just did our largest live show in front of 500 guests, not to mention the traveling pop-up podcasts. WOW, SXSW, Chicago, LA, and FEDEx Field for the Redskins vs. Patriots. Our partnerships have been amazing. We are now making 50k a month in our podcasting revenue and we’re on track to have our biggest month in Sept. 2017 with 200k in business. I’m so proud that we are each on track to make over 300k in 2017. 
We now have two full-time employees working for us and we have maintained control of the show. Your …….. idea was a huge success and now we’re doing that for the MLS team in NYC.  Our social media numbers have also been huge. You now have 120k followers on Twitter, 27k on Instagram, and 25k on Facebook. Mine have increased as well. 56k on Instagram,  173k on Twitter, and 67k on Facebook. 
Things worked out better than we could have ever imagined. Nice work Samy K and I’m thrilled we are a team. 
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  1. Jason L(@MLBFan1991)

    Great blog Sarah. I never even heard of one til just now, LOL! shoot…..with my luck, nothin will have worked out after three years.

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