Can a mom be too sexy?

Why can’t a mom be sexy? This friend-fan of ours was on the podcast today talking about some backlash she got for posting this picture of her son. She says there’s a double standard…once you become a mom you’re no longer allowed to be sexy. What do you think…is there anything wrong with this pic?

Hear April on the show: HEY FRASE EPISODE 82

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  1. Well done arcltie that. I’ll make sure to use it wisely.

  2. Jamie

    The reason your butt looks good in those tight jeans you’re wearing to the grocery store is because you got a fake ass instead of spending your money on some new clothes for your son. Also, you’re allowed to be beautiful and sexy and all the things you think you are and be MODEST and conservative. I guess your point is that you should be allowed to be as sexual as you want to the public and you don’t want any attention for it from men? Then why not go out to the pool in a one piece that doesn’t show your entire breasts, nipples, and ass with your son? I think the main reason people judge you for dressing and acting how you do as a mother is because if you were NOT, your actions wouldn’t be negatively affecting anyone else but yourself and your image. Now, as your son is getting older and starting to understand and his friends are starting to understand, he is going to be embarrassed that his mother paid for a fake butt, wears colored contacts every day, wears fake eyelashes and tons of makeup, and revealing clothes every day to MAKE herself beautiful and sexy for other people to see. My question I guess would be… If you hate this attention from men where they view you as hyper-sexualized and a sexual object, why go that extra mile to make yourself so fake to achieve that sexiness? I’m sorry, but yes you look good with all your tight fitted clothing and makeup and jewelry, but the most beautiful type of mother is the kind that goes out with friends like that, and can wear a t shirt and jeans when going to the movies with her 7 year old son, rather than a tight fitted dress that is 2 sizes too small and shows off ass implants and boobs. You’re allowed to look hot, now try to avoid ruining your sons teenage years by being that mom who his 13 year old friends want to fuck because you wore a see through white bathing suit to their pool birthday party. Be sexy, but do it on your time and not when it will affect your son.

  3. Her picture is fine. She’s right . . . Confidence is the true beauty. Regardless of the level of our attractiveness. Men always think we’re asking for it. It’s unfair.

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