Keeping Afloat After a Devastating Loss

Sarah with her mom, brother, and niece!

Life insurance. Sounds boring and morbid, right? WRONG! I actually love talking about life insurance because I lived through a horrible loss and life insurance saved my family from complete and total devastation.

When I was 14 yrs old, my father died of esophageal cancer. It was only a short 14 months from diagnosis until his passing. Being just a young girl, I had no idea what death meant and no comprehension of the grieving process. I was also too young to understand the devastating financial effects that losing a parent can have on a household. What I did learn pretty quickly after his death was that my family was going to be ok. Because of my dad’s life insurance policy, my mom, brother, and I would be able to keep our house, keep our car, go to college, and live with our needs met In addition to the life insurance that became our safety net after his passing, the disability insurance protected us from the medical expenses and lack of income leading up to his passing. This planning not only took care of us, but it helped us get a small leg up in life. Most importantly: we were able to grieve without looming medical bills and my mother wondering how we would make ends meet each month.

Mama Frase… My mom is amazing. Mama Frase, as she’s known on the Hey Frase podcast, is a hilarious free spirit. My mom didn’t go to college though and she had no formal work training outside of the home. While we were young, she made a bit of extra income by taking care of elderly people. My father was the breadwinner, and had he not planned for his untimely sickness, my life would have been totally different.

Dad’s Wishes… That life insurance policy sent both my brother and me to college. We still had some college debt, but it was much lower than it would have been otherwise. My dad always had two wishes for us: the first was a high-end bedroom set. He always told my mom if they have a full bedroom set with a nice box spring and mattress, no matter where we go in life, we’ll have a nice place to lay our heads.  He also wanted us to go to college. Because of his planning, it happened.

I’m here to tell you that life insurance changes and saves lives, and it’s devastating (beyond the loss of life) to not have it. My husband and I are working with Alex and Anh from State Farm insurance to handle our protection planning: life insurance and disability insurance. We’re starting to plan a family, in our 30s, and realizing the importance of planning ahead; before it’s too late. When I started looking for the right insurance agent, I wanted someone that was trustworthy, represented a reputable brand, could work within our budget and could help us grow (they also help with financial planning).  We found that in Alex & Anh. Anh is regularly in State Farm’s Top Insurance Agents in the country.

Sarah and Dan love how easy it is working with Anh to help figure out the right life insurance policies for them!

Dan and I just had our first meeting with them and spent nearly two hours going through finances, goals, and doing a pre-approval process. Dan has never had a life insurance policy before so it was fun to chat about how much coverage we needed for each other. Plus, Anh has this handy software to help with calculations. She plugged in our income, how we wanted to retire and a few other details to reveal how much we should be saving! We have a long way to go… LOL.  But… it would be harder starting even five years from now, so we are happy to get things going now!

If you’ve always been bored by life insurance, disinterested in it or even too scared to face it, I’m here to tell you this: please do it! For your family. For your kids. Don’t prolong making the decision to just sit down and get the facts straight about your needs. Schedule today! To make your FREE consultation email: or call 703-462-8700, and tell her Sarah sent you! Anh can hook you up with coverage at all income points and all ages. More about Anh can be found on her website:

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