Kellogg’s Wine and Cheez-It Combo is My New Brand

Did everyone see that Kellogg’s came out with a new House Wine/Cheez-It combo? AKA Lunchables for sad adults. I honestly feel like I can’t look the Harris Teeter cashier in the eye as I purchase this. Like she’ll somehow know that I’m about to go home, watch Ghost by myself, and cry with this box in my lap. But am I still going to purchase it? Absolutely.

Don’t lie. I know this has been everyone’s diet for the past four months anyway. We’re just at the point where there’s no shame in admitting your charcuterie board has deteriorated into Cheez-Its and a juice box. Honestly, this is the height of luxury. It’s been a crazy year so far and somehow Kellogg’s found the exact right product to bring to the market. I’m about to stick a straw right into that bitch like a Capri Sun in the name of self-care.

And it’s versatile: a treat for one AND a shareable snack. If you invite me to a BYOB event, fully expect me to bring this. And I can’t wait till Thanksgiving 2020 tbh. I’m getting to the age where it’s not cute to arrive empty-handed anymore. So surprise, fam: here’s the gift that keeps on giving.

10/10 idea, Kellogg’s, ily.



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