As you know, I’m all about trying new things. So when my friend Hilary suggested I check out Kinesis, a Pilates and personal training studio in Georgetown, I was in.

I had never tried Pilates until last week and Kinesis was the perfect place to start. Lissette was my instructor for the hour session and she was amazing. Super knowledgable, kind, and in-tune with what my body needed, she took me through core moves, helped me navigate each apparatus with ease, and explained to me the mission of Pilates focusing on six key points: concentration, control, centering, precision, breath and flow.

I had always been intimated by the apparatus’s at Pilates studios. Honestly, I’m not very coordinated so anything with pulleys and straps makes me nervous that I’ll end up like David Carradine in that closet…allegedly 😉 In all seriousness I really enjoyed my first Pilates session. I’m currently trying more low-impact ways to get in shape, lots of walking, yoga, and the occasional weight training class. So Pilates was a nice addition.

Lissette focused a lot on my core. We started with slow crunches and added in arm movements, leg lifts, and a constant focus on the breath. The pulleys and straps were not intimidating at all, in fact they were my favorite part. Giving me a deep stretch and challenging workout at the same time. We ended by working on strengthening the ankles…who knew this was a thing? Slowly and deliberately I could feel the burn.

If you’re thinking of trying Pilates for the first time or looking to try a new studio I would highly recommend Kinesis and seeing Lissette. Aside from a fun, centering workout that packs a major punch, the setting of Kinesis will have you relaxed.

Kinesis’s super cool vibe starts with the entrance. Right on M st. the entrance door is unmarked…so make sure you know where you’re going before you head out for a class. The actual studio space where you’ll be doing your Pilates class used to be the offices of an architect so the exposed brick and natural light will have you instantly energized and feeling like you’re in Soho NYC more than DC.

On the second floor you’ll find more gorgeous natural light and a professional boxing space. Private work out sessions, boxing classes, and muscle activation techniques are other services Kinesis offers. My next visit I’m super excited to try their muscle activation…always looking for ways to relieve stress and work towards a healthier bod.

Let me know if you decide to go for a Pilates class or if you’ve ever done muscle activation…how did you like? Leave me a comment below. Xo, Frase

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  1. I’ve been practicing Pilates on the reformed for years but hadn’t been back in the studio in over a year due to my busy work schedule. Hilary invited me to be her first student and I’m thrilled to be working with her at Kinesis! I love her and love that beautiful studio! Thanks for sharing, Sarah! Oxox

  2. Love this write up and thrilled that you enjoyed your first session!

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