Lessons from Lemonade on media, therapy, and picking the right emoji

Like the rest of the world I watched Beyonce’s Lemonade this weekend. Lemonade, which is a visual album was released fairly unexpectedly on HBO Saturday night and it was genius. So good in fact, it was like a detailed movie you need to watch multiple times to catch every last thing.

Although most of the visual album appears to be about Jay Z and Beyonce’s relationship and cheating rumors, she covers everything from race, feminism, political issues, the media, brand development, and more.

I was so sucked in and what I loved the most was the gift that Beyonce gave to all of us trying to build our own brands, deal with difficult relationships, and the annoying day to day task of texting a clever emoji.

Difficult Relationships – My God, I would love to live out my relationships like Beyonce did in Lemonade. There’s so much power in telling your own truth. Not only telling your own truth but capitalizing on it and having it benefit you – now that is genius. Most of us aren’t Beyonce and Jay Z, I get that, but there’s a great lesson in controlling your own dialogue when it comes to the pain and success of relationships. I will speak for myself but when I am able to put it all out there, when there are no secrets left – then no one can hide, no one can manipulate, no one can be controlled.

I’m sure Jay Z was well aware of the carefully constructed message of Lemonade – I wonder how much say or influence he really had over it!? Who knows, but what is clear is that Jay Z understands the power in controlling your own message. I would have much cheaper therapy bills if I was 100% open and out there with my own message. Something for me to work on…

Media – Beyonce’s Lemonade just put another nail in traditional media’s coffin. Lemonade was released without radio, without thousands of dollars in marketing, without a revealing tell-all to People magazine, and without staged drama between another female artist. AMAZING. I know what you’re thinking…of course she can do this…she’s Beyonce. True, but can’t we apply some of this to our own brands? I believe yes.

Why do we have to spend thousands of dollars on traditional marketing that often doesn’t work? Why do we only give our clients half truths when they crave realness? Why so much hype when it can lead to a lot of disappointment? There’s a little Beyonce in everyone and every business. I’m taking Lemonade as an example of what I want my own brand and podcast to be. I may not have an HBO special yet but I can create surprising moments and raw truths that will eventually turn into Lemonade.

Emojis – Lastly, the most important lesson from Lemonade is your ass better pick a good emoji to represent you and your brand. As I scrolled through all the comments on Lemonade it was clear that we are moving to speaking in just symbols – get that sorted so when you hit it big you’ll be known by your emoji and not your brand logo you spent thousands to have designed 🙂 LOL

Thank you Beyonce –


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  1. Daniel

    I know you assume the entire world Idolize Beyonce’s work, however that is not the case with me. I like some of her music and even think she is a very talented entertainer and vocalist. I agree with the fact that because she is a well established artist she can release an album with out all the marketing and still have a successful outcome. I really am more interested in what you are up to these days? I used to love hearing your voice on the radio very morning at 107.3 @Sarah Ty and Mel . you are missed. I logged in today to see if you are doing radio shows or television? I enjoyed your work. Hugs and Kisses.

  2. Meeka

    interesting outlook… i like the symbolism.

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