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I was just seeing my fabulous hair and makeup stylist Pam Dioquino at Smitten Boutique this week for a new hair look when she said to me…”Sarah, you need to update people on what you’ve been doing since radio, people still don’t know about the podcast!’

Ahhh…so true! One of the biggest challenges as a small business owner is getting the word out about your new adventure. Thanks to Pam’s advice I decided to share an update on what I’ve been doing since leaving radio a year and a half ago, and the new projects I want you to be apart of.

Many of you have been following me since my days on The Kane Show on 99.5 and then on DC’s 107.3, Sarah, Ty, and Mel (THANK YOU! I’m very grateful). Both gigs taught me so much about myself, what I want to create, and corporate America.

After Sarah, Ty, and Mel was cancelled in the fall of 2015 I realized it was time to make a major leap into new media and running my own brand, so I launched the Hey Frase podcast on iTunes and Podomatic. Samy K, my friend, and funny as hell co-host, was with me for one year until he decided to pursue his passion of bringing Snacklins to the world. After Samy left in December 2016, I auditioned some new co-hosts and have been lucky even to have Paul Wharton join the podcast in March of 2017. Paul is hilarious, larger than life, and always is a perfect fit for the mission of Hey Frase.

BTW…here’s my mission statement (I’ve been working on a business plan and finally putting a plan on paper): Mission: Sarah Fraser (Hey Frase) is an ‘Anything Goes’ personality and show. ‘Anything Goes’ is Sarah. From trying anything, interviewing almost anyone, being open, and spontaneous, Hey Frase is entertainment and inspiration that promises authenticity, humor, and spontaneity. Sarah Fraser and the Hey Frase team provide viewers/listeners with the power to address their fears, embrace themselves, and celebrate their uniqueness!

On top of that I’ve been able to stay on as a long time contributor with Fox 5 (Thank you Fox! LOVE you). You can catch me every Tuesday at roughly 7:50am and 9:50am discussing lifestyle and millennial topics, as well as giving advice from the emails I receive from you all. If you need advice just email me! Your favorite news anchors will weigh in too: (PS – we’ll keep you anonymous).

The Hey Frase podcast is a year and half old and is starting to make money and really grow. I’m not going to lie…my new life as an entrepreneur is challenging and scary. There are still months that my boyfriend helps me pay the rent and I’m dipping into my savings but I know it’s worth. Podcasting and new media are the future. I can’t even tell you how strongly I know this. The amount of engagement I receive from the podcast is triple from my last radio gig. People are actively seeking out new podcasts, new videos, new communities to be apart of and I love building that with you.

Currently, the Hey Frase podcast is out every Wednesday with Paul Wharton. Paul and I chat about a couple of the crazy, fun, inspirational moments that happen in our life and than the 4-5 biggest pop-culture/news stories of the week. Wolf Trap, Dr. Paul Ruff, and Homezen are some of the amazing sponsors that believe in new media.

The show has been doing so well I’ve decided to expand and launch some new podcasts this summer. Here’s a sneak peek at my upcoming projects:

Coming in August: A series on my mindful eating weight loss journey. Along with my long time mindfulness therapist Robin Mize you’re going to get access to a community and show that is about celebrating positive body image, giving up dieting for good, and learning to lose weight naturally (if that’s your goal).

Coming Soon:  As you know, I work for Fox 5, we have partnered on a true crime podcast that will hopefully be out later this summer. The editing is a full time job alone. This has been a labor of love but boy I can’t wait to share it with you!

Started Now: #followherfridays is my newest way of thanking you for following me all these years and continuing to watch, support, and listen to the content I put out. Every Friday I’m giving old and new followers gifts as a thank you. Visa gift cards, blow outs, and more. You have to be following me on all my social media outlets to win 🙂 See my Home page for Insta, Facebook, twitter links.

Thank you for being on this journey with me. I do this for you and I share almost everything in my life with you to show you that if I can do it, so can you. I came from no money, no royal family bloodline, just a Mainer with a dream.

I want to hear from you! How is your business going? Are you getting ready to quit your job and live your passion? Leave a comment and hope you’ll share this post with anyone who doesn’t know about the Hey Frase podcast.

XOXO, Frase

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  1. Lyn

    Hey Frah-Shay! 😉 You already know I’m a longtime fan and supporter but I wanted to reiterate how great it is that you are following your own path, blazing your own trail, and being true to yourself and your beliefs. You are beautiful inside and out and good things will continue to happen for you. Stay positive! Love you and Paul as a team as well. You both bring out the best in each other; and the world needs more positivity and goodness right now. xo

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