Live Podcast & Comedy Show was a Success!

        Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the support and love at our Live Comedy Show! We absolutely love seeing you guys out, sharing laughs, and taking pictures. We hope you all enjoyed the show just as much as we did. Can you tell that Paul, Danni, AJ, and I love each other? We come off harsh Ha!, but it’s all in fun. The venue, drinks, food, and good company made for a fabulous show. Your support means the most. We love our live shows and are planning more in the Fall so stay tuned!


   I will admit that I never feel nervous before a show, but the idea of stand-up was definitely a game-changer. When you start feeling comfortable, it is time to challenge yourself again! I hope to be up on stage with the crew soon. The full taping of our Standup will be posted on Facebook for you all to watch and share.

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