Buying an engagement ring? Read this first…

Hi guys! I hope that you’re all doing well and enjoying this nice, warm Friday that we’re having in the District! I wanted to update you a bit on life!

I’ve been doing my #plant4 diet where I’m plant-based 4 days a week and I’ve been loving it 🙂

Michigan was amazing and you can hear all about it on Episode 195 of the podcast!

And The Hey Frase Podcast has also started a partnerships with Mervis Diamond Importers!!! It’s the amazing family owned diamond importers and I have always admired their beautiful rings, necklaces, and earrings, so I am so excited to be working with them.

Jonathan, one of the owners and I got to sit down the other day and talk about some of the things that I thought you all would want to know before going in and getting the ring of your dreams! Here’s what Jonathan had to say…

  • When I asked “what if I inherited a diamond or a stone? Will Mervis set the ring?” Jonathan said “Yes, we have hundreds of gorgeous settings and do CUSTOM work. Whatever your dream image is….we can do it. Sketch it on a napkin, we got you”.
  • It can be overwhelming to go ring shopping, how do I start the process of buying a ring? What ring looks good on me, what shape? I’m freaking out!? Jonathan says “Turn your brain off for a second. Just try on rings – some rings will work with your fingers…oval shaped diamonds will make your finger look thinner and longer.  You can try on 50, 100, at Mervis, we want you to try EVERYTHING. Try on things you like and don’t like. Do this first. Then you can start narrowing it down to 4 rings, 2 rings.”
  • ***helpful hint – find the setting you like first and then play with the cost of the diamond. This will save you a lot of time. Also custom work takes time, think about if you want the ring that day or can wait?”
  • What about those of you who are worried about if your bride/groom-to-be should be there, or if you should go alone? Mervis’ suggestion is to brainstorm together. That is helpful because the couple will usually narrow it down to 3. And if you do want privacy to pick the ring out – no worries. Mervis specialists will give your partner coffee, a quiet room, and the gift of surprising them.
  • Let’s say that you used to LOVE pear-shaped diamonds so that was what you got for your engagement ring, but now you’re a square-shaped girl all the way and you want to change it! There is a 100% trade in option! That means that whatever you paid for your diamond – you get that money back and simply pay the balance on the NEW diamond (only the value of the diamond, not the value of the setting). PRO-TIP: use the setting for  a colored stone in the old setting
  • And you all know that I had to know what everyone else has been into lately and what the hottest trends are right now. Jonathan told me that residents in DC, MD, and VA tend to love the classic, timeless look. Mervis carries Tacori and Verragio, some of their most popular brands. These brands tie the classic, unique, and timeless together beautifully.

It was so nice to sit down and have all of these questions answered for you guys (and me too! Come on, Dan 😉 )

Jonathan thought that there would probably be more questions from you all about what he does and how he can help whatever dilemma you might be dealing with so he wanted me to share his PERSONAL email with you for any questions you might have. How sweet is that?!

You can use this to ask any questions, or to schedule a visit!

We are SO lucky to be working with Mervis Diamond Importners so make sure that you go in and check out their THOUSANDS of settings, diamonds, and customizable products! I could get lost in there for hours – it’s amazing!!

xoxo, Sarah

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    That’s a lovely ring. How much will I pay for it….retail?

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