Medical Marijuana: What You Need To Know To Get Certified in MD and DC

Matthew Mintz, MD is a local physician registered to support patients in pursuing Medical Marijuana (“MM”) for Maryland residents and DC. Dr. Mintz is also a new sponsor to The Hey Frase Show and is our regular go-to doctor on the show. He’s also passionate about ‘MM’ and losing any stigmas around the medicine. During his recent appearance on Hey Frase Dr. Mintz spoke with us about three KEY (and less known) points concerning this green medicine:

1) Is Medical Marijuana safe and will it fit into my lifestyle?

MM is a *natural, *non-addictive,* safe way to treat medical issues. Not only does it not interact with other medications, but there are a variety of formulations that do not include smoking; such as capsules, and tinctures.

Dr. Mintz Medical Marijuana Doctor

Dr. Mintz is a certified medical marijuana doctor in Bethesda, MD

2) Who is a good candidate for Medical Marijuana? 

MM is a safe and effective option for those dealing with anxiety, Fibromyalgia, or other diseases manifesting in chronic pain. It’s a great alternative for those who have tried many other pain management and anxiety prescriptions, but find the side effects too impactful.

3) How do I become eligible to purchase MM?

The process for Maryland and DC is slightly different, but in both cases you need to register with the state/district and be certified by a MM-registered physician to legally purchase and use MM. Both steps are happily facilitated by Dr. Mintz.

Dr. Mintz, Medical Marijuana Doctor

Dr. Mintz is taking on new patients in DC and Maryland. He get you diagnosed and your medical Marijuana card!

Should I make an appointment?

*If you suffer from illnesses associated with anxiety or pain and have yet to find a satisfactory level of relief from their debilitating symptoms: YES!

*If you are fed up with the “small print” on many pharmaceuticals used to manage your anxiety and/or pain illnesses: YES!

*If you are interested in more information on options to manage your pain and/or anxiety or are in consideration of obtaining your own certification: YES!

Dr. Mintz, our resident expert on medical marijuana, operates a medical concierge practice in Bethesda, MD where he offers patients appointments to discuss treatment and aid patients in the MM certification process. One-time appointment fees are $250 and can be submitted for partial reimbursement through insurance or reimbursed through FSA/HSA accounts.

Make an appointment today and don’t forget to inquire about Dr. Mintz’s additional services, such as his medical concierge practice. CLICK HERE to book an appointment!

xo, Frase

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