Mindful Eating! What I Eat In A Day…

Here’s What I Eat In A Day!

I LOVE mindful eating! If you haven’t heard, it literally changed my life. As many of you know I have struggled with my weight and positive body image for years. From the ages of 12-28 I hated my body and I was always on a diet. During that time I gained and lost over 150 lbs and tried every diet from Weight Watchers to Slim Fast. The diets worked at first but eventually, like most diets, once I stopped the program I gained all the weight back and more.

Everything changed for me when I started practicing mindful eating 5 years ago. The concept of mindful eating is that we all have a natural weight, and when we trust ourselves our bodies will tell us when we’re hungry, when we’ve had enough, and believe it or not over time choose healthier food options naturally! I know what you’re thinking…there’s no FUCKING WAY THAT IS POSSIBLE! I promise you it is! It doesn’t happen overnight and there’s no so called ‘quick fix’ in mindful eating, but once you’ve conquered your emotional eating issues all things in life are possible!

In the video above I take you thru exactly what I eat in a day. This is what is best for MY BODY, but your body may need something entirely different. Be curious, maybe you don’t need to eat breakfast everyday? Maybe you’re not hungry until 12p everyday? Mindful eating is about listening to your body and trusting yourself to eat when you’re hungry and eventually make healthy food choices that sustain you. The secrets to mindful eating are to only eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re satisfied instead of extremely full, and gain awareness and control of your emotional eating.

Here's What I Eat In a Day

190 was what I weighed in college and here’s what I weigh today…135

In general, everyday I eat 3 meals a day and little to no snacking. I have about 4-5 alcoholic beverages per week and about 6 glasses of water per day. I take a probiotic, magnesium, and b-complex vitamin. NO FOOD is off limits. I eat everything including carbs after 5pm (yes, I tried that insane diet where you could eat everything you wanted as long as it was before 5pm)!

When we repeatedly eat when we’re not hungry we’re emotionally eating. I emotionally ate for years to cope with my father’s death, a stressful job, and toxic co-workers. Mindful eating is the process of making you aware of why you eat when you’re not hungry. Here are my 3 quick tips to get started:

1) Eat without distractions! Life is so busy. You’re a mom, a boss, family issues, a sick partner, life is a lot. But when you first start mindful eating you have to eat without distractions (no eating in front of the TV, while driving, or on your phone). It’s the only way to start figuring out when you’re hungry, when you’re satisfied, and figuring out what you’re hungry for.

2) Take two or three bites and put all the utensils down! Start becoming aware of how the food tastes after four or five bites. Ask yourself are you still hungry or was eating half your dinner satisfying enough? Once the food starts to lose it’s flavor that is a sign you’re becoming satisfied. There is NO JUDGEMENT in mindful eating. Food should energize us. It shouldn’t make us feel tired, bloated, sick, or filled with stomach cramps! All those are signs you’re not eating the right foods for your body. Pausing while eating will start to reveal clues as to what and when you should eat.

3) Let GO of all the Rules! Omg, dieting is overwhelming. There’s so much bullshit. Eat this for your blood type, eat that if you’re a size 7 shoe, track these calories. STOP THE MADNESS. There are no rules. No foods are bad. Take a deep breath and start releasing all that crap. If you eat only when you’re hungry and stop when you’re satisfied your body will naturally lose weight and find it’s center. I promise you. I have no magical metabolism, if it can happen for me it can happen for you.

Lastly, people ask me all the time…’Sarah, how do I stop hating my body and get comfortable in my own skin.’ It starts by stopping the crazy rat race we live in and getting calm. Calm with how we eat, and putting things into perspective. In the book ‘Women, Food, and God‘ author Geneen Roth talks about being grateful for what we already have at whatever size we are. Do you have all your arms and legs, can you move with ease, laugh without pain? These seem like basic stupid things but not everyone has these blessings. I also want to tell you that after being in the entertainment business for the last 13 years thin people get hired and fired all the time. Being thin is not some magical answer to our problems going away. Work on your magic, that thing that only you bring to the world. The magic formal is getting your mental health in order and realizing there is more to life than the size of your jeans.

Love you, and please be patient with yourself. Mindful eating takes time to conquer but it’s the answer to never being stressed about food again.

xoxo, Frase

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