Mindful Eating Seminar With Sarah Fraser & Robin Mize

Are you tired of dieting and anxiety that comes with it? Have you lost weight only to deal with the stresses of life and gain it all back? Do you spend WAY too much thinking about your weight and what you look like?

We’ve been there! I’m Sarah Fraser, long-time TV personality on Fox 5 DC, and host of The Hey Frase podcast. Over the past five years, thanks to my longtime Mindful Eating Therapist, Robin Mize, I’ve stopped binge eating, healed my relationship with food, and kept off 40lbs, naturally! Robin Mize has more than 15 years of experience working with Mindful Eating clients.

The Mindful Eating Seminar

The Mindful Eating Seminar With Robin Mize and Sarah Fraser

This February we’re offering our FIRST EVER one-day beginner’s course to give up dieting, lose weight naturally (if that is your goal), and heal your relationship with food. Here’s what you can expect in our 3 hour seminar:

  1. Learn about the ‘diet mentality’ and how to end it
  2. Watch Robin host a live session with a client so you see first hand how the journey of mindful eating begins
  3. Participate in small group exercises to help you identify true hunger, unpack your emotional eating triggers, and learn new techniques to begin a mindful eating practice
  4. Take home a handout with suggestions for books and podcasts, inspirational quotes, and an outline of things we cover in the seminar
  5. Experience a 3 hour, non-judgmental, safe space, to begin the process of radically loving yourself and shifting your eating patterns to a healthy relationship with food

Join us and start to wake up from the toxic dieting mentality of shame and blame, and learn to embrace a wholesome, loving and intuitive approach to eating. Xo, Sarah and Robin


*Be sure to bring something to write with and a notepad there will be a lot of information to take in. Also, lite bites and healthy drinks will be served too. PLEASE NOTE THE REGULAR COST OF THIS SEMINAR IS $150 BUT WE’RE OFFERING FOR A LIMITED TIME THE PRICE OF $125*

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