Mindful Mondays: Episode 4 Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy Exercises

Mindful Mondays: Episode 4 – Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy Exercises. On this week’s episode of Mindful Mondays Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist Leigh Conant talked about 3 exercises you can do with your partner when you’re not getting along, and to understand the negative patterns we all get into.

The 3 exercises are:

The Cycle: The Infinity Loop – When my boyfriend and I first went to see Leigh this was one of the exercises she explained to us first. Our on-going argument was that I never felt like Dan was home enough (we both work a lot, but he works A LOT A LOT! Ha). So we had to go thru the perception and the reality of what that meant. I felt like it meant Dan didn’t want to spend time with me, for Dan, work and providing is so important. We’re still finding balance but this exercise helped us understand each other.

We’re Not Getting Along – Much like my food mood journal keeping track of your emotions in a relationship is really important to stopping the same fight pattern over and over. Do this exercise with your partner and learn more about their emotions.

Understanding Our Negative Cycle – Ok, so now you understand your emotions better, you know your fight patterns, but how do you reverse or change them? This exercise helps you unpack them and start on solutions.

Below you’ll find each exercise, print, share, copy. Sometimes you have to do these exercises many times to understand a pattern and change a cycle.

LOVE you lots. Thank you for listening to all the Hey Frase Podcasts. xoxo, Frase


The Cycle: Infinity Loop Therapy Exercise

The Cycle: Infinity Loop Exercise

When We're Not Getting Along Therapy Exercise

When We’re Not Getting Along

Understanding Our Negative Cycle Therapy Exercise

Understanding Our Negative Cycle

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