Mindful Mondays: Robin Mize 2 – Why we Eat vs. Why we’re supposed to Eat

Monday marked episode 2 of my mindful mondays podcast, all about mind, body, soul. I’m currently doing a multi-part series on how to give up dieting and heal your relationship with food along with my mindful eating therapist Robin Mize.

Episode 2 was getting to the bottom of why we eat when we’re not hungry. For years I had no idea when my body was ACTUALLY hungry. When you’re on a diet you override your hunger senses and instead eat at certain times, or we don’t eat carbs, or no sugar. I never listened to my body.

On this episode Robin guides us thru how we can figure out when we’re truly hungry and what we’re truly hungry for. Are we eating away emotions such as fear, anger, sadness? I know I did for years. But once you can start to recognize that pattern magical things happen.

Enjoy this weeks episode and part 3 (Part 3 out Oct. 2nd) of the mindful eating series drops Monday.

xoxo, Frase

Robin and me at work!


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