Monique Samuels vs. Candiace Dillard Bassett

If you haven’t heard about the Monique Samuels vs. Candiace Dillard fight on Real Housewives of Potomac, where tf have you been? The scene is a “holy shit” moment that gives us that classic OG Housewives drama we’ve all been craving from the franchise. But it has left some SERIOUS bad blood between the women involved. Within one week, The Sarah Fraser Show has had BOTH women on the pod to tell their versions of the story in separate interviews. And let me tell you… the tea is scalding. Monique and Candiace give their insights as to what initiated the fight, how they’ve been coping with the incident since it first went down, and how they plan to move forward. How they answered could not have been more different. Let me give you the gist…

What initiated the fight?

While Monique says she was triggered by the extramarital affair rumors facilitated by Charisse and Candiace, Candiace says that is a blatant lie.

Monique: ““The rumor was that I was having an affair with my trainer and that my pregnancy was that of my trainer and not my husband… But here’s another thing she said that was very nasty: she said that my pregnancy (that resulted in miscarriage in 2017) was not a miscarriage, but that I’d had an abortion because I’d had an affair with this trainer… who I didn’t even know in 2017.”

Candiace: “That’s what she says after the fact. You never hear her talk about Charisse, rumors, the baby, the trainer. You never hear her mention any of that during the season… She said in her meeting with the cast… twice that I heard, ‘There’s no reason, there’s no justification. I don’t know why I did what I did.’ So for her to now (six months later) come in and pull from her hind parts that we were spreading rumors… that’s just fodder.”

Is there any hope of forgiveness or reconciliation?

Monique: “I’ve accepted what I’ve done. I’ve forgiven the other person, I’ve forgiven myself and I’ve completely let it go.”

Candiace: “Would you want to reconcile with someone who has not only doubled, not only tripled, but quadrupled down on her version of this story? It’s like fairytales and fallacies gone wild. And it just nauseates me.”

Have you two spoken since the fight, and if not, how are you going to handle the reunion?

Monique: “I’ve not talked to her. And I don’t plan to talk to her until we get to the reunion where we’re face to face.”

Candiace: “I have nothing to say. I think my [willingness] to be in the room with her is so that I can laugh. Because she’s going to backpedal, and [beat] around the bush, and come with 27 different versions of the same story; it’s going to be a repeat of what we’ve already seen… and I’ve seen enough. I’ve heard enough. I’m actually disgusted by it.”

Guys. This isn’t even all of it. You have to listen to both episodes to truly get how insane this drama is. If you haven’t yet, head to iTunes or click the links below and listen right now. It is WILD.

Monique Interview:

Candiace Interview:



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