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Last week was incredibly stressful to say the least – the cancellation of “Sarah, Ty & Mel” started a stretch of long and confusing days. To reference my favorite quote, ‘It was bananas with a B!’ However, thanks to an amazing attorney, an awesome agent, and a boyfriend with more insight and faith than I may ever have, I was able to make a clear decision that stayed true to me and my vision.

I have nothing but love towards 107.3 and Cumulus.  They both were wonderful to me – from the creation of STM to the freedom they provided us to create and experiment, developing signature breaks like “Show Us Your Cocktail” and “Deep Thoughts from the Men on Tinder.”  We were able to do some things many broadcasting companies would avoid airing.  The experience I received since the show first launched 15+ months ago and the lessons I learned have made me a better person, and will help make my next projects successful.

As for those next projects…I want to continue to entertain and inspire. The outpouring of support shown by you has reaffirmed this direction, and I’m pleased to announce the soon-to-launch podcast, “Hey Frase,” a show you’ll be able to find here, which will carry on and expand the entertaining, inspirational and cutting-edge content from STM.  The details are still being finalized, and I plan to share more with you very soon.

You will also still be able to see me weekly on Tuesday’s on Fox 5 at 7:50am and 9:50am.

I’m officially a free agent, who wants to hire me! LOL – I plan to use this time to create my own content, and hope to work with other talented, innovated individuals and companies along the way.

Doubting big decisions is natural and I had my doubts this past week, but the signs the world shows us reaffirms our choices.  As my friend Sammy Simpson told me, “Your gut already knows the answer – you know the answer.”  Watching CBS Sunday Morning’s segment on Sylvester Stallone was one of those signs.  The story recounted his perseverance – having numerous scripts rejected, only to write a success with Rocky and receive offers of hundreds of thousands of dollars, but then holding out until he found a studio willing to take a risk on him to also star in the film.  Stallone believed in himself, and didn’t take the path that was easier but would have compromised his vision.  We all know how it worked out for him.

As I reflect on this past week, and consider Stallone’s story, I can think of several lessons learned: surround yourself with good people who can help you with tough decisions by examining all of the angles (a Life Committee); have faith and belief in yourself and your abilities; and realize that risks are worth taking when you are fortunate to possess both.

I am excited about the future!! YEAH…the best is yet to come.

XO, Frase

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  1. Still giving 107.3 a hard time for their bad decision. Good luck and hang tough.

  2. I miss STM!!!! I was hoping it was a holiday thing as well and finally used Google to find out what the heck was going on. COME BACK!!! My commute is horrible now!

  3. Can I just say that every morning I turn to 107.3 and there are strange voices. Kept hoping that it was a holiday thing. Today decided to google what happened to you guys. AND I AM SO UPSET!

    What happened? Why would they cancel you?? Your show was FRESH and NEW! It was entertaining and engaging!!

    I’m so upset!!

    1. Exactly this comment. I’m so sorry. I know you will all go on to do amazing things in the future. You were the best morning show by far and will be missed sorely.

  4. So, I noticed the Nielsen Ratings for November 2015….supposedly it’s charted until about the 18th of each month. The station you were on, it has bumped up 5 points? since October, I truly believe it was STM show, giving them that boost….I am hoping STM can be revived on another station!!!!!!! GO STM!!!!!

  5. Pam

    I love it!!! The time is now, and I’m with you 110%!!

  6. How about a you tube channel in the meantime?? You can always have the crew on skype if they are in another state.

    I would like something I can broadcast in my car in the morning over bluetooth.

    It’s been a tough week….already. 🙂

  7. You and the entire group at STM are missed. You all started each day off with laughs and positivity. I know that you all will figure out what’s next and I cannot wait to follow along and enjoy every minute. Thank you all for making me giggle about Tom Waits. Thank you for always seeing the positive side to things and seeing how to get to the yes. Thank you for being bananas with a “b”. Thank you for inspiring creativity. You all should be very proud of the hard work you put in to create something new and unique. It will continue on just in another form. Strong and happy people succeed.
    You all helped me through a difficult time (Kimber) and I have an new appreciate for the value of a support system and paying it forward.
    Can’t wait to see what’s next,

    1. Ugh!! I was so blown when I flipped to 107.3 and got Jack Diamond morning show. I started flipping through all the channels trying to find STM again!!! STM was always so funny and real. It wasn’t around for nearly long enough! Good luck in your endeavors Sarah!

  8. Sarah-like everyone else i am so sad that STM is gone. there is nothing to listen to in the AM and i honestly feel like i lost some of my best friends. I am super excited to hear about your podcast and i know that you will survive and grow from all of this. It still doesnt take away the void in the car in the morning but it does make me smile to know that in true frase form you are determined to turn lemons into lemonade. keep us posted on your next move because wherever you end up I will listen to you!

  9. So, I had been racking my brain trying to figure out what happen to the show every time I turned to 107.3. I truly thought I was either losing my mind. Then I thought the station was crossing over with another station. I finally had time to check out the web and found out the show was no longer on the air. I don’t understand how this happened and was really sad when I read of the cancellation. I really truly enjoyed the show…it made me laugh and keep me sane during my two hour commute. The three of you (Sarah, Ty and Mel) had a great connection and it was a breathe of fresh air to listen to the show. I will miss you dearly but hope to hear you all together again soon. Good luck!

  10. I leave for vacation and I come back to some stranger on 107.3. Since I am in the boonies, I thought it was just channels crossing. And then I read the news. I can’t begin to describe how upset I am about the cancellation of STM. The kindess and care and enthusiasm you 3 brought to morning radio was amazing and refreshing. You stood for something and I can’t wait to see what you do next!

  11. Looking forward to hearing your podcast!

  12. Wishing you all the luck, 107.3 has lost a lot of listeners this week…

  13. Nothing but love for you now and in the future Sarah.

  14. You were totally the highlight of my mornings, the whole team was. I appreciate your honesty and realness. I’m not going to wish you good luck, you don’t need it! I’ll be following to your next adventure!

  15. I will miss you on 107.3, Sarah! Wishing you all the luck in the world. I am sure you will land on your feet and this will all make more sense soon. When I lost my job a few years ago, it was devastating and it didn’t feel like things would ever be ok again. Amazing how in just a few years, I’m in a better place than I ever could have imagined and I know now that losing my job back then was the best thing that could have happened – but it sure did not feel like that while I was living through it. Not at all!! I know it is so cliche but these things really do make us stronger.
    Looking forward to seeing what’s next for you, Sarah!!!

  16. Good luck!
    Will follow you.

  17. You will be missed by this fan. Loved listening to you all. You would make me laugh out loud driving to work. Best of luck on your new adventures! I guess I need to figure out how to find your podcast and listen to it.

  18. Javier D.

    You rock Sarah. That’s the attitude to have. You’ll get very far if you keep it up and persevere! I believe in you. Your number 1 fan

  19. Frase you were born to not only entertain but to enlighten and educate. Love you and your gumption! Sending love and positive vibes from Florida ❤️

  20. Guess I’ll have to figure out the podcast thing while I’m searching for a new morning show. Wishing you (Ty, Mel and Sammy) nothing but happiness. Thanks for making my mornings for the last year! Looking forward to great things from you ?

  21. Just like Rocky, I’m going to stay in your corner all the way, Sarah Fraser. And from now on, I’ll call you Sly, for short.

  22. Hi Sarah, Hope you are doing well! I like most others was shocked that STM was cancelled . But like one listener said its their loss too. You are one of the most remarakable and talented woman that I had ever met. I will continue to follow you.whatever you pursue.Wishing you the best!! cause you are the best!!! ever since I heard your voice , I knew you were spectacular!! Take care always and I will be hearing from you soon!! XOXOXO

  23. I was so disgusted to hear that the annoying Jack Diamond and his stupid radio show was coming back … you are FAR more talented and entertaining … AND you’re not so stuck on yourself, like Jack. He is beyond gaggy! 107 has lost me as a listener, as if they care!!! I’m listening to country now!!! 😉 AND, of course, your podcast! Love ya! and wish you nothing but the best.

  24. I almost cried when I found out STM was cancelled. It was the same day I made a huge decision in my personal..I needed the laughs that morning. I look forward to following you Sarah, as I have always, as life takes you to heights you never expected. Good luck on your journey! And I’ll definitely be listening out for the podcast. LOVE YOU!

  25. Lol @Renita
    *shakes Sarah’s shoulders*

    Really excited for you can’t wait for your podcast!

    (Admitted it we ALL think 107.3 was stupid to cancel your show)

  26. Now that the show is done, will Mel move back to FL? I hope to hear from you guys again soon!

  27. I’m done with 107.3. They lost the best talent they ever had. Their loss, but my loss too!

  28. Yeeeessss I LOVE IT!!! Gurrrl, I cannot wait! SO glad you had a good group close to you while you regrouped. I was giving you exactly 3 days to “mourn”, then I was coming after you to shake your shoulders if we didn’t hear anything else from you soon. LOL So happy to hear and I’m looking forward to it. 😛

  29. Sqweeee!!!! I love podcasts! I was hoping you would choose that! I am also hoping that Mel, Samy & Ty will be a part of it too.

    Love you girl!

  30. YESSSSS!!! A Podcast with only your hilarity?!! I can’t wait :)!!!

  31. So excited for your podcast!

  32. So excited for your podcast and whatever the future has in store for you!

  33. I knwonthe answer is probably no, but I really hope that you and Mel could do k together on a project.

  34. I believe in you Sarah! You will be awesome in whatever you do next. I need to figure out this podcast thing so I can listen. I no longer have a preset for 107.3 I can’t stomach it without you. Good luck in your journey!!

  35. Shugo fair

    Awww Serah! You’re such a strong women. I believe in you!

  36. id hire you!!!

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