November 11th! What’s on Hey Frase Tonight?

Every Sunday night join Producer AJ and myself as the Hey Frase Show goes to radio on Mix 107.3 from 9-11pm. Here’s what we talk about on tonight’s show:

Inspiration and viral star Rob Scheer is on the show. A couple of years ago Rob went viral with his powerful story of surviving the foster care system, overcome child sexual abuse and homelessness to start an incredible organization called Comfort Cases! He also has a new book out called: A Forever Family: Fostering One Child At A Time. You must buy it. If you’re looking for how you can overcome terrible tragedy and live a successful live Rob has the roadmap! He also gives his one piece of advice on how to pick yourself up after a life setback?

Rob Scheer Author of 'A Forever Family' on Hey Frase

Sarah, Rob, and Aj take a picture after Rob’s interview on the Hey Frase Show

CATFISH UPDATE! Last week we told you about a listener who had been catfished by Northy Whitney, a solider whose parents had died, his brother was in jail, and he was looking for women to send him itunes gift cards! Well, ANOTHER listener wrote in and she’s been talking to him too! Do you know this man? His identity is being used by catfish creeps…


This single mother of 5 is our HOPE for the week. After Ieshia Champ’s mom had a stroke, father of two of her kids died, and she tried to commit suicide she found hope to go out and get her law degree! Soon she’ll be an attorney and providing for her family! Read more about Ieshia Champs overcoming the worst to be her best!

Pineapple Mail is a segment we do every week…it’s all your advice questions, concerns, deepest secrets revealed (anonymously, if you would like). Email: – what do you do when your best friend who always copies you now copies your NEW boob job?

Sarah – It all starts with me getting a boob job a little over 1 month ago. Once they started healing & looking right I started to show a few of my good girlfriends the results (because why spend $8,000 if not to show people?). One of my friends has always had a tendency to copy certain things I do. Like, if I get a nice handbag or a pair of Stuart Weitzman’s she runs out and gets the same ones. That never really bothered me “imitation is a form of flattery” and all. But I never could’ve imagined the next move she’d make…

I was at her house last Monday & showed her the new goods. She loved them and mentioned she really had been wanting to get hers done too. I gave her my doctors info because he was fab and kept it moving. She had a consultation within 2 days. At the consultation she starts texting me questions like “what exact CC’s did you get?”, “what type of implant?” & then “can you send me a photo of them?”. I said no to the photo but sent her my implant info. At what I assume was the end of her appointment she tells me she is getting the EXACT SAME implants (size and all) and procedure as me and that she’s asking if he has availability the very next day. He didn’t so she ended up making the appointment for tomorrow (Monday). Keep in mind I had my consultation 3 full months before my procedure. 

I’m feeling single white female vibes in a major way. In what universe does your good friend go get the exact boobs as you only 1 week after you show them to her? Am I crazy or is this fucking weird as hell? – Dianne

And…have you all ever heard of ‘SLOW DATING‘ it’s the latest dating app that promises you a better chance at love!

LOVE you all! Enjoy the show, Frase and AJ

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