OMG…should we put this on t-shirt?


The Hey Frase podcast needs some t-shirts. Lots of you have asked for them, so we deliver. As a show we’ve been chatting about concepts…Samy came up with the idea of taking a picture of us that looks normal far away but once you get close our faces are made up of the words vagina, pork sword, love muscle, you get the idea.



Samy thinks that people look at t-shirts but never really pay attention to what’s on them, so this way the joke is on them. What do you think should that be our Hey Frase t-shirt design? It is pretty clever…however, maybe we should do two versions? For a more family friendly version my mom suggested we keep samy’s idea but instead make the words all the listeners who have supported the podcast and anyone who has had a positive impact on our lives. I like that idea a lot too.

We also had an awesome submission from our listener Ed….here it is. Thank you Ed aka @eespin10 on Twitter:


And one more…this is from the t-shirt design company we’re working with…than you

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 4.15.47 PM

We would love to know your thoughts…which t-shirt or t-shirts do you like? Please leave a comment below.

Xo, Frase



Response (7)
  1. Sophia

    I wouldn’t buy a t shirt but would buy any hey frase mug or tote bag!

  2. Kat

    I like Ed’s!

  3. Leslie

    Not a fan of the Tee Shirt Co design – sorry, boring! Unless you used your Podcast Hey Frase Font and drop the mono color partial rainbow. I mean WTF?
    Samy’s idea is cleaver. Would prefer a picture of you both and may not wear it in public unless you went with your mom’s G-rated version – sorry, I’m a mom; not looking to shock the PTA.
    Ed’s design is simplicity perfected! Love it. It represents you two . . . not necessary, but maybe you could add more, smaller, faceless people of varied ethnicity to represent your followers . . . Also, could you use your Podcast Font for Hey Frase?
    Thanks! Love your Castpod! You rock it like no other!

  4. Brandi

    I like Samy’s idea but I think that the picture should be one of you two together. Love the podcast!

  5. Sierra

    I’d totally wear Samy’s design. But the others are cool too

  6. Victoria

    I like Samy’s and Momma Frase’s ideas. I’d wear any of these designs though.

  7. Matt B

    I love the one submitted by the listener, Ed! I’d buy any of them, though.

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