PODCAST: Danni Starr

I wanted to thank you for the incredible response I received from you all on my interview with DC radio and TV personality Danni Starr. Here were are few of the comments:

“Love that you two of my Favorite female personalities have found common ground! Way to show how strong women lift each other up!!!” – Sie Simp

“OMG. I love you ladies!!!!! I can relate to so many experiences in your life Danni!!!! I feel like I need a glass of wine and a girls night with y’all. This was therapeutic, inspirational, insightful and just down right REAL. THANK YOU!!!!” – Carmen Caly Corbin

“I’m not even finished listening to it and I love it so much! Danni’s openness with being an empath is so refreshing. As a fellow empath, it can be so hard to explain and share. The connection and discussions on this first podcast are amazing!! Love you both! 😍” – Nicole Athas

One of the biggest take aways from these interviews has been how many of you have had difficult work and personal relationships with women. Many of you mentioned that you feel that women are more likely to tear down your success than other men. I’m sorry to hear that.

I know for me it’s been about 50/50. I’ve worked with as many toxic men as I have women…I think it just stings more when it comes from another woman because we all hope the sisterhood of supporting each other is bigger than the jealousy, but that isn’t always the case.

The reason I was able to get over my dislike for Danni was because I got happy with myself. When I started living my dream, creating the podcast, leading my own show, my hatred and jealousy for others faded. I have women all the time who don’t wish me well, friends who have come and gone, female bosses who have tried to hold me down. Now when these moments happen they still hurt but I have empathy for those women.

It’s HARD to truly follow your heart. It’s scary, and at first it’s easier to take the easy way out, but in the end that fails us. If you’re a woman being held down by another woman I hear you. All we can do is pray for the hater because in the end you’ll rise. When other women hate on you it’s because they want what YOU are creating. How many women do you know who are unhappy? Sadly, I know a lot. Life is tough, so please don’t get down about the women who try to hold you back, they are fighting a tough battle within themselves.

Keep rising and when you rise you’ll bring along all the women who also want to love, support, and better themselves.

Thanks for listening to the Hey Frase Podcast. Love you, Sarah

To Listen To the Danni Starr Interview CLICK HERE

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