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Every Sunday night the Hey Frase Podcast is syndicated back to radio from 9-11pm. The Hey Frase show is edgy, all about life advice, and no matter what we share we know everything is going to be ok. We invite you to come and hang with producer AJ and me.

On tonight’s show we talk about the following:

These three little words are a big turn-on (Hint: It’s not ‘I love you’)

Sarah decided to try a new acupuncturist and they put these ear seeds in her ears. It’s supposed to make you have balance and feel more calm but Sarah’s not sure they’re working correctly? What do you think, would you try this?

Sarah's Ear Seeds!

Have you ever tried acupuncture with ear seeds? Sarah has and here’s what they look like

Co-host and producer AJ traveled this week to Tennessee with her man to pick up a new puppy! It’s Corgi and say hi to….well, Iggy hasn’t named him yet but we’ll keep you posted!

Iggy's Dog! On The Hey Frase Podcast

Iggy’s dog…he has no name yet!

Pineapple mail is an advice segment we do every week. It’s all your advice questions answered. Need advice? Email: sarah@heyfrase.com – This week a woman wants to know if she messed up…her man gave her $850 as fun money when he went away on a work trip for two weeks, all her expense were paid for. EVERYTHING. food, diapers, etc, and she spent ever dime of the $850. He was pissed and said $800 is too much to spend in 2 weeks when you have no expense! Thoughts?









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