Catfished in Bethesda! The Hey Frase Show on Mix 107.3

Hey guys – welcome to your Sunday night escape with The Hey Frase Show on Mix 107.3. We’re all about entertaining you, inspiring you, and getting comfortable being radically transparent.

Tune in every Sunday on Mix 107.3 in DC or Here are the stories we covered on this week’s podcast and a listener was Catfished by a gorgeous Army recruit who said he was retiring from the military and going to run his dead parents real estate business in Bethesda. Have you seen this man ‘Northy Whitney’ BEWARE. He’s bringing women into his web and then asking them for money and itunes gift cards.

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Have you seen this hottie? He’s catfishing women in the DC area. Here what happened to our listener here: Hey Frase 296

Northy Whitney! Please be real cause your’e so hot!

Ummm…don’t look at me like that you catfisher!

You no good catfishing creep...

Have you seen this man? Northy Whitney? Somone is using his identity to scam women in DC

And…DC comedian Rob Maher is on the show tonight! Rob is not only a great comedian but he also has the gift of reading and interpreting people’s dreams. If you want to hear Rob breakdown the dreams of several listener check out the Hey Frase podcast: Hey Frase 295 

Thank you for listening! Xoxo Frase and AJ

Mervis Diamond