Precious Pop-up Puppy Podcast

Hi all!!!

Wow. What a summer it has already been! So many exciting things on the horizon and just manifesting themselves into today’s life :). As my avid listeners know The Hey Frase Show is now available across a ton of platforms including SPOTIFY!! Dreams are really starting to become reality and I am so grateful and appreciative every step of the way.

Another one of my dreams came true earlier this summer when I had GELATO named after me. Since I’ve been doing my #plant4 where I go vegan at least four days a week I wanted to make my gelato vegan-friendly while still keeping it delicious and indulgent so the DolciGelati Team created a vegan chocolate avocado pudding which is totally dairy free!! ALSO, every time that you order my flavor or any of the other amazing creations by my fellow badass female influencers DolciGelati donates 10% to the charity that we have chosen. So that means when you get a few scoops of FraseCado you’re tossing a couple of bucks to Active Minds the Mental Health Charity. 

To celebrate and collaborate their puppy extravaganza last night I thought it would be fun to do a POP-UP PODCAST!! They are always so much fun. We had some amazing women and very charismatic pups on the show. Ruby Cube the Bulldog and Izzy the Chow sat down with me to discuss some hot topics like what the think about today’s political climate as well as if they prefer squeaker toys or frisbees.

Intern AJ was there helping out like always!


Some really cool women also sat down to talk and I think you’re really going to love our conversations. Carla,  Jessica, Michelle, and Maggie were all at the event and some of them sat down with me to talk about the new trends in blogging, podcasting and just how important it is to have more women of color blogging and getting their voices out there!!

I love working around and with talented, creative, beautiful women – it always makes me feel so strong and ready to take on the world! Empowered women empower women!

I love doing these pop-up podcasts, and they are a great way to get the word out about local businesses! If you or anyone you know would be interested in me doing one I would LOVE to!! Just shoot me an email at and we can totally figure something out.

Love you all SO much. Your support is what gets me out of bed every morning and hopefully what keeps me going on me vegan journey LOL!




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