RECAP! Hey Frase 319 – Danni Starr Talks Miscarriage and The Biggest Cheating Bomb of All Time

RECAP! Hey Frase 319 – Danni Star Talks Miscarriage and The Biggest Cheating Bomb of All Time

“Love doesn’t mean shit if it doesn’t come with respect.”

Danni Star deserves big hug after revealing cheating scandal today!

On today’s episode, we invited the ever resilient, hilarious and honest Danni Starr to talk about her most recent (and most personal) podcast episode and learn about her new program “Get Rid Of and Grow!” We veered a little bit away from pop culture news (we’ll get to you later, Brad and Charlize) and instead discussed exactly how we can handle and grow from trauma. For Danni, this has become somewhat of a specialty since her life and her man have really been testing her recently. As she put it, “If I built a bunker, shit would still find me.”

Danni Star talked her boyfriend’s Instagram DM cheating…

After experiencing the horrible loss of a miscarriage while visiting her ex-husband and his family in a foreign country, she got home to even more disheartening hospital visits and a boyfriend who disrespects her as he struggles to handle his own grief. NEWSFLASH: Cheating is still cheating even if it’s a DM. With Danni visiting, we got to talk about the importance of protecting yourself and choosing your peace of mind over any man and any tragedy. Life isn’t gonna get any easier, so it really is up to us to be resilient in overcoming all of the shit it throws our way.

Take a listen to hear Danni’s story, and learn how she’s using these undoubtedly terrible experiences to help other people overcome their own trauma with her new Get Rid of and Grow program—aptly named for its goal of getting rid of the toxic part of your life to focus on cultivating what feels healthy and fulfilling. Most importantly, this episode just might be the reminder you need to prioritize your needs and your peace—to take care of yourself even if it means throwing your man’s belongings out the window in a snowstorm.

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