RECAP! Hey Frase 321 – Wascally Wabbit, The New Michael Jackson Documentary, and Sarah Has Picked a Wedding Venue

RECAP! Hey Frase 321 – Wascally Wabbit, The New Michael Jackson Documentary, and Sarah Has Picked a Wedding Venue

“Bitch, your grandmother doesn’t need a liver transplant.”

Sarah and AJ talk wedding plans, wisdom teeth, and wascally wabbit!

Hey everyone! If you’re wondering what you missed out on this Monday’s episode of Hey Frase, we covered all of our favorite events and stories that have come up over the weekend. From a man destroying his house over some broken action figures to Dr. Ruth’s legendary interview at Sundance, we have something to say about it all. Also, we wanna warn all of our listeners about the new sexting phone scam, the price of open bar, and getting your wisdom teeth out with only laughing gas.

One of the best news stories from this past week has GOT to be the man destroying his house because his wife messed with some of his figurines. Apparently, he took an ax and went wild, even destroying their car and racking up $5,000 worth of damage…is this grounds for a divorce? AJ’s a little (okay, maybe A LOT) concerned that this is her future considering her boyfriend currently paints and sells figurines. Should she be worried, or just make sure that there aren’t any axes in her house? AJ’s not alone in being concerned…is this what married life is gonna be like for Sarah? Not only does she have to spend 20K on food and drinks at the wedding, but she has figurine brawls to look forward to???

We also HAD to talk about Dr. Ruth, aka this adorable angel, who was interviewed at Sundance and dropped so much wisdom on everyone. She talked about ghosting, online dating, and whether or not size really matters. Good news! According to her, it doesn’t! She’s also working on a new book, Sex for Dummies for Millennials, which we are hoping to preorder asap!

Sundance also premiered the new Michael Jackson documentary, Leaving Neverland, which is apparently 4 hours of footage from MJ’s alleged child abuse victims. Although we won’t know much more about it til it comes out in March, it has already made a huge impact on the Sundance audience and we can’t wait to see it for ourselves and learn some more.

We also got to talking about the new DC sexting scam that sends out topless pictures to guys with the hopes of scamming them…and they think they’ll start targeting women soon too. Beware, ladies, the washboard abs are probably not from your soulmate but someone who wants some cash.

Lastly, we gotta congratulate AJ on surviving the wisdom teeth extraction from hell. The laughing gas wasn’t enough to get her high, she could hear everything, and the Dr. yelled at her to stop crying or she’d mess up her mascara…as if running mascara is really noticeable when you have chipmunk cheeks! We won’t name any names but maybe just avoid the entire state of Virginia when it comes time to get your wisdom teeth out? Or at the very least insist on something a little stronger than laughing gas? Bright side: she got a listener recommendation for a new vibrator, the Wascally Wabbit (no, not from the Looney Tunes), which just might help her finally orgasm…

Take a listen to hear more, and cheers to Dr. Ruth!

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