RECAP! Hey Frase 323 – Snooze Bowl. Our Super Bowl Recap and Would You Hire an Attorney Who Was Convicted of Murder?

RECAP! Hey Frase 323 – Snooze Bowl. Our Super Bowl Recap and Would You Hire an Attorney Who Was Convicted of Murder?

Sarah and AJ on Monday’s episode!

“I wanna see Janet Jackson’s nipples all day… Bring back Janet’s nipples!”

On this Monday’s episode of Hey Frase, we talked the Super Bowl and all of our favorite commercials, the ex-con turned attorney, some woman’s wild experiments with a taser, and more on Sarah’s wedding planning. We also answered a pineapple mail question about if you should get involved in your sister’s marriage and parenting when things seem to be going not great (spoiler alert: you shouldn’t).

The Super Bowl–the Snooze Bowl–was super boring this year. Even the commercials were dry–since when did everything get so serious. The two bright spots in terms of commercials were Steve Carell and Cardi B’s pepsi ad and Jason Bateman’s Hyundai commercial–both of them are getting backlash though! Many questioned Cardi’s decision to participate in a Super Bowl commercial when she refused the half time show to stand in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick–so the NFL to hire Adam Levine to do a strip tease instead. On a less serious note, the vegan community criticized Hyundai for associating vegan dinner parties with root canals and car shopping (can you really blame Hyundai though?).

In other surprising news, Bruce Reilly, a convicted murderer, is getting a second chance at life after a 12 year prison sentence and 5 years on probation. He was a successful jailhouse lawyer and got in to Tulane Law School, but would you trust a murderer to be your lawyer?

Recently, a video has been circulating of a woman tasing her vagina!! Yes, you read that right. We watched the video on today’s episode and have all the reactions for you, but PLEASE do not try this at home.

We also got more into Sarah’s wedding planning process. Are the seating arrangement ever actually conducive to conversation, or are rectangle tables always gonna make things awkward?

Lastly, we answered a listener’s question about her sister’s marriage. Apparently, her brother-in-law is never chipping in with the kids because he needs “me time”while the sister is constantly struggling because she’s exhausted. Should our listener voice her concerns or stay quiet? We agreed that she should try to stay out of it, but what do you think? Let us know and tune in for Wednesday’s episode!!

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