RECAP! Hey Frase 324 – Troll Farts, Liam Neeson, and a College Student Finds a Man Living in Her Closet!

RECAP! Hey Frase 324 – Troll Farts, Liam Neeson, and a College Student Finds a Man Living in Her Closet!

“I’m tying him up and feeding him a vegan smoothie, and we’re gonna get it on!”

On this Wednesday’s episode of Hey Frase, we talked about Sarah’s wedding plans, Valentine’s Day, Universal Orlando’s controversial farting troll, Liam Neeson’s racist comments, and a college student who found a 30 year old in her closet! Would you move immediately or just get the locks changed?

As Sarah keeps planning her wedding, the guest list just keeps getting bigger. Mostly because people have the balls to ask her point blank if they made the list! Too polite (and a little scared) to say no, Sarah has been adding all of these invite poachers to her big day, bringing up the major question: what’s ruder – asking someone if you’re invited to their wedding or telling someone they didn’t make the cut?

Apparently, Valentine’s Day is now a time to spend with an animal you love rather than a person… People Magazine asked around and a lot of people said they would rather spend the time with their dog! We’re not too sure about this one–can’t you hang out with your animal literally any other day of the year? Have they all forgotten what having sex is like?

In other, weirder news, people are lashing out agains Universal Orlando’s troll that farts glitter! Many people have criticized the theme park for their farting troll, but we’re Team Troll Farts all the way–I mean worst case scenario, your kid wants to start farting glitter.

We also discussed Liam Neeson and his racist remarks. Although the whole idea of wanting revenge on people who hurt someone close to you makes sense, we can’t quite wrap our heads around how that ties into the person’s race–and why he would go after anyone of that race as a result.

We also got to the news story of a young college woman who found a man squatting in her closet! She had heard some rattling, assumed it was a raccoon, and was apparently totally fine with a rabid animal chilling out in her closet. Things got more serious when she realized it was actually a grown ass man and he was trying on her hats! The man has since been arrested, but we’re all planning on checking our closet more regularly for any unwanted visitors…

Take a listen, and let us know if you’re on the animal Valentine bandwagon!

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