RECAP! Hey Frase 325 – Ronica Cleary, Stormiworld, & The Man Who Didn’t Wash His Penis in 24 Years

RECAP! Hey Frase 325 – Ronica Cleary, Stormiworld, & The Man Who Didn’t Wash His Penis in 24 Years

“If you don’t wash your dick for 24 years, you deserve to be on TV.”

Sarah and Ronica had the best time catching up on Monday’s episode!

Hey everyone! On Monday’s episode, we had the lovely Ronica Cleary as a guest co-host since AJ is away for her brother’s wedding! While she was here, we talked about her love of GOOP, the Jeff Bezos and National Enquirer scandal, and Stormi’s 1st birthday party. Plus, how exactly could a man go 24 years without washing his penis?

Ronica Cleary has been gushing about GOOP for awhile without realizing that it’s a little controversial. Although she hasn’t personally heard Gwyneth Paltrow preaching about putting a jade egg in your vagina, she has loved to hear about some of the mindfulness exercises–especially ones focused on gratitude. The $1000 one day retreat might be pushing it a little though…

We also got to hear Ronica’s opinion on the Jeff Bezos and National Enquirer scandal. Although we tried to reserve judgement (even though Sarah really wants to get her hands on those pics), the whole situation brings up a lot of questions about the ethics of journalism and how people should handle an unhappy marriage. As Ronica pointed out, marriage (and any committed relationship) requires a lot of hard work–but is there ever an excuse to cheat? Why not just break up?

We loved getting Ronica’s opinion on all the latest pop culture news!

We’re still unsure how to feel about Jeff Bezos, but we LOVED seeing Stormi’s birthday party finally happen. The carnival themed party actually had a huge inflatable Stormi face and tons of Stormi merchandise for the guests. DJ Khaled even gave Stormi her first Chanel purse–what all one year olds truly want!

Lastly, we talked about a man who went on  a TV show about sexual health only to confess that he had not washed his penis for 24 years because no one told him he had to! Apparently, this is actually way more common than you’d think…sounds fake, but okay.

Take a listen to hear more!

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