RECAP! Hey Frase 327 – Paul Wharton, Jussie Smollett Hoax, and Millennial Contracts

RECAP! Hey Frase 327 – Paul Wharton, Jussie Smollett Hoax, and Millennial Contracts

“I wish I would have been a bigger slut. I’m so upset…My biggest regret: not being a whore.”

Sarah and Paul chatting on Monday’s episode!

On this Monday’s episode of Hey Frase, Paul Wharton came back to chat with us about his personal life, the Jussie Smollett hoax (we’re still hoping he’s telling the truth), and the millennials’ relationship contracts. Plus, do women get pregnant on purpose when they know their man is cheating?

First, we caught up on all of Paul’s latest adventures. He’s been traveling all January–ringing in the New Year with the Whoopi Goldberg–and has been crazy busy getting together his new product, a candle named after his mother’s best friend. He also dished to us about his new tinder guy (don’t worry, it’s not a catfish) who he’s planning to meet up with in March.

We also got into the Jussie Smollett case yet again. More and more details keep coming out about this attack, and we aren’t sure exactly who to believe. It’s still hard to even entertain the idea that someone would fake such a serious attack, but a lot of the evidence doesn’t seem to be adding up. Plus, Paul thinks he was acting a little too eager to prove himself on Good Morning America. What do you think? Is it too optimistic to hope that he might be telling the truth?

We also got to talking about these new millennial relationship contracts…they aren’t pre-nups and often they aren’t even legally binding. Instead, they’re essentially documents listing your expectations of the relationship and your partner. We’re a little divided on the issue. Sarah’s worried it doesn’t give them enough room to change their minds and grow–especially considering how often people do change. Paul thinks that being transparent from the get-go could be a really positive way to start the relationship. Would you ever draft a relationship contract?

Let us know and listen to hear more!

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