RECAP! Hey Frase 330 – TedTalk Speaker Debra Alfarone and Sarah’s Going to be on HBO’s Crashing!

RECAP! Hey Frase 330 – TedTalk Speaker Debra Alfarone and Sarah’s Going to be on HBO’s Crashing!

“You ladies have balls like no other!”

Sarah, AJ, and Debra talk confidence and pop culture!

On this Wednesday’s episode of Hey Frase, we invited the amazing former reporter and current confidence coach, Debra Alfarone, to speak with us about her experiences! We also got to talking about automatic sex machines and the Jordyn Woods scandal. Also, apparently now the anti-vaxxers have become wary of vaccinations for your dogs?

First, Debra talked to us about how her TedTalk helped her become a household name, and she gave us insight into her decision to become a confidence coach. Debra has a really incredible story–during her childhood, she ran away from home several times, often put herself in danger, and dropped out of high school. Despite all these difficulties, she’s a total success now and uses her past to connect with people, explaining to us that people connect with mess and not your success. Not only is her message great, but she also assessed Sarah and AJ’s confidence levels–no surprise, they’re off the charts.

In other news, there is a new product on the market (although we aren’t quite convinced it’s not a joke) that is essentially an automatic sex machine. Now, you and your partner can do it without actually doing anything. It’s a lazy couple’s dream come true, and Sarah is totally on board. Unfortunately, it looks like the ad might just be a joke (at least for now)

We also got to talking about Jordyn Woods’ announcement that she would be appearing on Red Table Talk to tell her side of the  Tristan Thompson story. We’re not sure how much dirt she can reveal, especially with that NDA from the Kardashians, but out main question as more details surface with the cheating allegations is: do you think this is real? We can’t decide if it’s just a method of garnering more publicity for the new season, but either way we’re addicted and cannot look away.

Lastly, apparently anti-vaxxers have switched their focus to canines. These hipster anti-vaxxers are worried that vaccines will cause autism in their dogs. Seriously, where do people come up with this stuff? How would one even be able to tell if a dog was autistic? Veterinarians warn that this trend can be really dangerous to the animals, and encourage pet owners to keep their dogs’ shots up to date.

Take a listen and let us know what you think! Also, be sure to check out Sarah on Sunday’s ep of HBO’s Crashing!

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