RECAP! Hey Frase 333 – Crashing Has Been Canceled, #phonechargernazi, and R Kelly’s 3rd Sex Tape!

RECAP! Hey Frase 333 – Crashing Has Been Canceled, #phonechargernazi, and R Kelly’s 3rd Sex Tape!

“You’re okay about wanting to put your dick in me, but won’t let me put your charger in my phone!”

On this Monday’s episode of Hey Frase, we talked about Sarah’s role on HBO’s Crashing (and how the show was canceled one episode later), a guy who refused to share his phone charger with his date, and R Kelly’s 3rd Sex Tape. We also got to talking about Schman’s mean comment to Sarah on Monday morning and AJ may be heading to Hollywood!

Thank you to all the viewers of our live youtube taping for reminding Sarah that Crashing was canceled one (ONE!!) episode after she got to play her role. Although we’re sad to see the show go, Sarah’s really happy she got a chance to experience being on the show before it was canceled.

We also got into some Pineapple Mail, which featured a really interesting scenario: apparently, a woman went on a date with only 6% phone battery. Naturally, when she got in the car with her date and noticed that he had 100%, she asked if she could borrow his charger…and he said no! Would you go on a second date with this guy, or is charger hoarding a deal breaker?

Apparently, there’s a 3rd video of R Kelly having sex with minors. Sarah thinks there must be a connection between the abuse that he (and Michael Jackson) endured and how they abused others. Sarah thinks that they must have stopped growing at around the time they were abused, which is why they try to connect to those children. Obviously, we aren’t doctors here, but it’s just our attempt to make sense of this awful news.

We also delved a bit into Sarah’s personal life. After dressing up this morning and putting on some HOT red lipstick, Schman had the audacity to say that she looked like a kid who broke into her mom’s makeup! He sent a sweet text later in the day, but does it make up for the insult? Monday mornings are hard enough without being insulted by your fiance!

In other and more exciting news, AJ was invited to audition for a new show on NBC! Apparently, it’s like American Idol for comedians. We’re loving that her talent is getting noticed and scouted and cannot wait to hear more about this opportunity! Fingers crossed, but we know no matter what she’s gonna kill it on SNL in a few years.

Take a listen and let us know what you think!

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