imageSaturday morning is always a good time for me to do some reflecting. Reflecting on the week and my life journey. This Saturday morning I’m in a funky mood because of rejection. I’m use to rejection, I’ve had plenty of it from jobs to relationships but for some reason this most recent one really pissed me off.

You might have heard that I’ve launched my own podcast with Samy K aka a jester with a squirrels penis, that’s how he referred to himself in the latest podcast. We’ve been doing it for two months now and it’s going better than I had ever imagined.

Maybe that’s why when I submitted the podcast to a major podcast platform I was expecting more of the same excitement we’ve been experiencing but that didn’t happen. I was told the opposite, that the podcast wasn’t the right fit for the company after they listened. It’s fine but for some reason it stung harder than past rejections, and has sent me into a spiral of doubt and questioning if I need to change.

URGH…I hate that. How can you be so confident and sure of yourself one day and the next feel like…is what I’m putting out good enough? Do people get to the point where they’re confident all the time and rejection truly doesn’t bother them? That would be amazing.

I think I’m upset because it’s so personal this time. Never in my life have a I cared and felt so excited and sure of what I was doing. The podcast is the perfect fit for Samy and me. It’s the perfect combination and what we’re doing is something so different from anything we’ve done before. Funny, inspiring, a diary of our lives mixed with pop-culture, live from the DC Improv.

I know there’s a reason for everything and when one door closes another opens but can that door open this minute!? Ha…there’s Sunday’s blog: Learning to be Patient.

Thanks for reading and have the best day. Your kind words, support, and constant good vibes ALWAYS remind me I’m on the right track.

Xo, Frase

PS – Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts, feedback, and experiences.

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  3. Spider

    You know what I’m going to say! The magic has always been between you and Samy! Keep it movin’! Onward and upward!!


  4. Jimmie

    Hi Sarah,

    You are so close. Don’t give up now. Both you and Sammy K are like the dynamic duo of entertainment. You will find a company that will see that.

  5. Victoria

    Rejection is the pits, but keep doing what you’re doing because it’s awesome! You have an incredible following with what you’re doing already. That should be proof enough that you’re doing something right. Right? Loved STM and loving the podcast. Keep it coming, Frase!

  6. Elisabeth

    This perfectly describes what I’m going through now. I was “let go” from my job on Friday because of their “unpredictable budget” and told that ultimately the job just wasn’t a “good fit” for me (whatever that means). But I loved the job and thought it was the perfect fit for what I wanted to do and grow a career. Ultimate I thought I was starting to have everything figured out and coming together. But I guess the universe has other plans.

  7. Hang in there Sarah! By the time they catch on, they’ll be kicking themselves for having the chance to get in during the early stages and blowing it. Stay the course.


  8. Hang in there Sarah!

  9. Sarah, I can empathize with this so much! When something is truly your *own* and a reflection of who you are, it’s hard to not let rejection affect your sense of self-worth. I dealt with this SO MUCH in San Francisco when I was pitching my bra company. It was my baby and every negative answer stung like a personal insult and a rejection of who I was as a person.

    I’ve moved on to writing a book now and I’m bracing myself for tons of that rejection again, because that’s just the way things work… but I’m really not looking forward to it. I’ve always been terrible with criticism. It makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry.

    For what it’s worth, though — and I say this not because I know you but because it’s really, really true — you are KILLING it with this podcast. This winter has been really lonely here in Reims, but having you & Samy to listen to on my daily walks has been a lifeline that gets me laughing and smiling like a crazy person. (Quite literally.. because if you smile too much in this city people think you’re clinically insane.)

    You two are both whip smart with amazing chemistry and a real pulse on what matters to DC and our generation. You’re hilarious. You’re infectious.

    If this platform turned you down, I’m sure it’s literally because it’s not the right fit for them. That says nothing about the quality of your work! It’s just that sometimes mint chocolate and butter pecan don’t mix.

    That’s OK, because it means you have a strong personality and a unique voice. Thank goodness you do, because it’s the very thing that will carry you far.


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