So much to SHARE with you!

 Two big things I want to share with you this week! I’m the worst at keeping secrets…THE WORST. I love a little good gossip (the kind that doesn’t hurt people) and I love dishing my own dirt.

The first…I have a new podcast studio. It’s with a heavy heart that I’m leaving my friends at the DC Improv and moving closer to my home in Arlington. After more than a year at the Improv, I’ve teamed up with Pacer’s Running and now we’re going to share their studio space right in Clarendon. It looks like a mini Today show studio…we’re street level so we can stare at each other while the show is being recorded.

I LOVE the Improv and we’ll still be doing all our live shows there. The Improv has been so good to me and I will miss seeing Allyson, Chris, Dave, Ron, Luis, Elle, Mike, and Antoine on a weekly basis. Be sure to frequent the Improv…I’m all about female owned businesses and the Improv is one of them.

The other big announcement involves the distribution of the podcast…can’t wait to share this with you and hopefully that will be happening by the end of the week.

Ok, I’m going to sign off before I get myself in trouble. Keep your emails coming with cool, wild, products and people I should interview:

xoxo, Frase


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  2. Gaudy Southard

    Hi Sarah! So yeah, omg…congratulations on your new position. It’s so exciting hearing from you and sharing the good things happening to you. Well deserved…I remember like it was yesterday listening to you on the Kane Show. Miss those days…it kept my commute from Annapolis to Bethesda bareable. Okay well gotta go keep being blessed! Regards, Gaudy XOXO

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