Social Media Week in Fairfax!!

Hey guys! Just like I’ve been saying a ton of cool things are happening! Eee!! Yay!

One of those totally awesome things is Social Media Week in Fairfax, VA. I am super excited and very honored to be a part of their panel speaking about social media and Podcasting!!

The event is on Thursday, September 14th and I am speaking at 11:15am alongside Natasha Che and Brian Fanzo will be moderating. It’s going to be an amazing time and a lot of my podcasting secrets will be revealed LOL! We’ll be talking about how important podcasting is and how it is definitely the next big media phenomenon.

You can register for tickets here, and there is an awesome student discount if you’re one of my collegiate listeners ;)!

I would love to see some familiar faces there so get your tickets now!!

Love you guys SO much.

XOXO, Sarah.

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