We’re on Spotify! Holy Crap

The Hey Frase podcast has been picked up by Spotify! AHHHH! HOLY CRAP. I’m beyond excited to share this news with you.

You know the saying “Let Go and Let God?” Yeah, I’m not good at living that mantra but I try 🙂 For those of you who have been following my entrepreneurial journey of leaving traditional media and launching my own media business there have been lots of highs and lows.

About a year ago I was over the moon when Podcast One called and wanted to pick up the podcast. I really thought they were the answer. 20,000 downloads would surely come, lots of ad revenue money, celebrity guests. That didn’t happen 🙁

Instead we had to keep fighting and creating new and great content everyday. Even as the Hey Frase show was picking up momentum Podcast One notified us they’d be dropping the show, we just weren’t growing fast enough. I felt like one of the rookie players on Hard Knocks, I had made it to the NFL but was informed I just wasn’t the right fit. Being in the coaches office sucked.

After we parted ways with Podcast One people would tell me to keep going, Podomatic was kind enough to take me back with open arms, and of course you all stay with me on this amazing journey and continue to spread the word. SO in May I got connected to a guy who runs the podcasting division at Spotify. With patience and time Spotify agreed to pick us up!

I’m crapping my pants.

Time to get hustling on even bigger, more meaningful content, that’s about you, that you love and want to share…have any thoughts?

The saying “Let Go and Let God” has always struck me…could I really just have pure faith? Faith that God always has a bigger and better plan for me than I can even imagine? Yes, I can.

Wherever you are on your journey of living your dream I promise you that having faith and staying the course is one of the hardest parts of business, but when you do, amazing things happen. Being persistent helps too – I get lots of no’s but that never stops me, I’m immune at this point.

I hope you’ll check us out on Spotify and spread the word. I have more Hey Frase podcast’s launching this fall including: ‘Mindful Mondays’ and ‘The Interview.’

LOVE you. xoxo, Frase

PS – Here are all the places you can now listen to the Hey Frase podcast:








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