Storming Area 51! We’re Doing It!

Storming Area 51! We’re Doing It!

You may feel alone but trust me honey, you are not alone. Yes, yes, it’s true, AJ and I will always be here for you but right now I’m thinking bigger. I’m talking COSMICALLY. You are not alone. We–humans–are not alone. Be they terrifying ‘Predator’-style freak aliens or adorable lil green guy aliens, other life is out there. And there is one place on God’s green Earth where remnants and proof of alien life is kept and me and AJ are on our way there. That place is AREA 51. 

Storming Area 51! They Can't Stop US All
Storming Area 51! They Can’t Stop US All

On September 20, AJ and I will go to Rachel, Nevada to give you all the coverage you could ever want of #ALIENSTOCK. We’ll be in the desert, getting down with believers and non-believers, tin-foil hat conspiracy enthusiasts and US Government officials, coyotes, cacti, and, of course, aliens. We need your help to get there and if you help us, we will deliver to you an experience of #ALIENSTOCK, so thorough and personalized that the only thing missing will be an anal probe! That’s why we set up this gofundme:

You bet your humanoid bottom that there ain’t no restaurants or gas stations in Rachel, Nevada, so your donation will help us buy food, gas, toilet paper (lord knows AJ needs a lot of that!) and other emergency supplies for the trip. And we offer these deals for those of you willing to donate $10 or more:

$10         =  Instagram Handle Tag posted on @heyfrase story with 
                       20K +  followers

$35         =  Customized Selfie with Sarah, AJ, and blow-up alien 
                       doll from Rachel, Nevada

$50         =  Live video shoutout addressed to you, your family, 
                       or group from Sarah and AJ

THANK YOU! xoxo, Sarah and AJ

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