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My next steps

Last week was incredibly stressful to say the least - the cancellation of "Sarah, Ty & Mel" started a stretch of long and confusing days. To reference my favorite quote, 'It was bananas with a B!' However, thanks to an amazing attorney, an awesome agent, and a boyfriend with more insight and...

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Today was the end of Sarah, Ty, and Mel on DC’s 107.3

Dear STM Squad, family and friends, I have some disappointing news to report: this morning was the final show of Sarah, Ty, and Mel on DC's 107.3. The station is moving in a different direction, and those of us on the morning show - me, Ty, Mel, Samy K, and Flounder - will no longer be...

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Loudoun County: My Love Affair with DC’s Backyard

My 5 favorite things to do in Loudoun County: Wine taste at Sunset Hills Vineyard Tree Top Zip Line with Empower at Salamander Resort  Eat a homemade lunch at Shoes Cup and Cork Sleep and Spa at Landsdowne Resort My new favorite thing...LoCo trail starting at Old Ox...

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Did I just get my image and joke stolen by a famous comedian?

I woke up Sunday morning to several instagram tags and tweets that famous comedian Nick Swardson decided to use a picture of me from my instagram. Not only did he use my pic he also used my butt darts comment and turned the idea into his own post. First, I was very flattered and still am but...

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The Happy College Girl Summit

When Sarah Greenberg approached me to be a part of her cool Happy College Girl Summit I couldn't say no. Sarah came up with the genius idea of doing a series of podcast interviews with health coaches, radio personalities, bloggers and more in order to help college students navigate their time at...

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Would I recommend a career in radio?

When something keeps popping up in my life I take it as a sign. This week it happens to be the question of would I recommend someone get into radio? And I'm not alone...my co-hosts Ty and Mel get asked the same question all the time so we decided to discuss it tomorrow on the show. Be listening to...

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The Food Mood Journal

A couple of months ago I blogged about my 5 tips to lose weight naturally and love your body. These tips are what have worked for me for the past four years and allowed me to lose weight and keep it off. I wanted to dive into each step a little deeper in order to give you a guide that might...

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I want to clarify a recent social media post I made.

Happy Sunday.  Thank you all for sharing your comments and thoughts with me regarding a recent social media post I made on Friday; you always give me so much to think about and learn from.If you missed the post, this is what I tweeted...'Anyone notice a pattern today...? #karmabeabitch. I...

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Let it Go. 3 Ways to move on and truly Let Things Go

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="360.0"] Mimi and me having a Spiritual Coaching Session :) [/caption] Let It Go. Sounds so easy but we all know letting go of things can be really hard. Story of my life...being upset about something or with someone and holding onto it for days or...

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Advantage Financial

Advantage Financial is a DC based Credit Union! Earn $50 when you open a new account!