Top 10 Shows to Binge While You’re Waiting out Coronavirus

Well. Coronavirus officially has us all sequestered at home with a sh*t ton of toilet paper and no idea what tf is going on. But, if there's one good thing to come out of this, it's all the extra time we're about to have while we're "working from home." That means catching up on all the shows and...

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Lessons from Lemonade on media, therapy, and picking the right emoji

Like the rest of the world I watched Beyonce's Lemonade this weekend. Lemonade, which is a visual album was released fairly unexpectedly on HBO Saturday night and it was genius. So good in fact, it was like a detailed movie you need to watch multiple times to catch every last thing. Although...

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Is a vision letter the key to success?

I had no idea what a vision letter was until my dear friend and passion curator (at least that's what I refer to him as) Sammy Simpson enlightened me. A vision letter is a letter you write to yourself post dated one year in the future detailing exactly what you want in life, your career, a...

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