Let it Go. 3 Ways to move on and truly Let Things Go

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="360.0"] Mimi and me having a Spiritual Coaching Session :)¬†[/caption] Let It Go. Sounds so easy but we all know letting go of things can be really hard. Story of my life...being upset about something or with someone and holding onto it for days or...

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Anatomy to Zen Podcast: Meet Mimi clairvoyant Spiritual Advisor

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="602.0"] Mimi and Me at her McLean, VA office [/caption] I'm a huge fan of this week's podcast guest. Mimi is a clairvoyant spiritual advisor who contacted me several months ago with an urgent message...don't quit. Those words hit me like a hammer. I...

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Have I told you I LOVE psychics?

I LOVE psychics, which you've probably figured out if you've listened to Sarah, Ty, and Mel. So this past weekend I was super excited after a woman named Mimi reached out to me and said if I was interested in a reading she would love to chat. I couldn't resist. Yesterday I spent three hours...

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