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Anatomy to Zen Podcast: Meet Mimi clairvoyant Spiritual Advisor

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="602.0"] Mimi and Me at her McLean, VA office [/caption] I'm a huge fan of this week's podcast guest. Mimi is a clairvoyant spiritual advisor who contacted me several months ago with an urgent message...don't quit. Those words hit me like a hammer. I...

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My Podcast is back!

It's a new year and my podcast: Anatomy To Zen is back in full swing. This week I chat about how Serial the Podcast just changed the game for radio and entertainment, the best NEW networking idea I can't get enough of, and 10 ways you're ruining your life!Enjoy and feel...

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Will Soccer ever be as big as Football and Baseball in the US?

I'm currently a host at Break Thru Radio in NYC. Every week I hit the streets and ask people their thoughts on a topical question. Soccer has been on everyone's mind but will it stick around now that the US is out of the World Cup? Here's what you had to say. You can see my Pulse pieces every...

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