‘The Bachelor’ Is Bringing Your Grandma to the Yard

Okay, I am losing my mind over here! On Tuesday, Vice released an article about a producer from ‘The Bachelor’ sending out a casting call for seniors. And no, we’re not talking about the college seniors that are typically casted. Lindsay Liles, one of the show’s producers, posted this on her Instagram:

That’s right, ya’ll: senior citizens. This is a spin-off of The Bachelor with contestants 65 and up.

I don’t know about you, but I am SO watching this. Vice pointed out that one of the questions on the application asks whether the candidate is “genuinely looking for love.” Yeah, okay. I call bullsh*t on this show’s whole genuine love charade. The typical contestant for ‘The Bachelor/Bachelorette’ is in their 20’s. We can excuse them for believing you can find love by placing 30 hotties in a room and saying “get after it.” But these people are 65 and up. There is no way that after that much more life experience, someone really thinks this is the way to find their soul-mate. My take: they want to get it in.

I know it’s 2020 and I’m not supposed to stereotype, but old people are notoriously horny, okay?? That’s why STD’s run rampant in nursing homes. They’re out here buckwildin’. And I am not judging. In fact, if getting it on is someone’s entire reason for wanting to be on the show, I fully support it. I’m ready to see some wrinkly balls and liver spotted ass cheeks!

And I don’t think the producers are going to have to do a damn thing when it comes to creating drama. Especially if they stick to the normal format for the show. You know how your grandparents can just say whatever the hell they want and you can’t say anything back because they’re old and they’ve, like, earned the right? Imagine a whole house full of that energy. That’s exactly what I’m hoping this show will be. I just want unadulterated honesty and zero regard for other people’s feelings from every single contestant.

And really, if none of that happens and this show is actually as wholesome as our girl Lindsay is making it seem, it could potentially be very cute. We love love at any age. It’s a win overall.

Alyssa Thibodeau

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